Average AdWords Pay per Click (PPC) Costs


Embarking on a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is a big decision. Google AdWords dominates the industry when it comes to PPC, but how can you maximize your marketing dollars when competing with so many other companies? What will the costs be for you?

Google AdWords is the leader in the PPC for a reason. They offer immediate visibility for your ads. They also offer complete accountability. AdWords is totally clear and easy to understand, making it extremely user friendly. Flexible budgeting makes AdWords accessible to everyone. It gives businesses of all sizes the ability to customize their PPC campaign to fit within their specific marketing budget. Google AdWords also has excellent analytical support, and when combined with a Google AdWords Company like Optimum7, can provide you with all the information you need to make your PPC campaign profitable. It’s a well known fact that Google has over 65% of the internet’s market share, and AdWords allows businesses of all sizes to tap into that market.

So, how much will embarking on a Google AdWords PPC campaign cost? The average cost for AdWords PPC varies, depending on the competition, industry and keywords involved. The average click could be as low as $ 0.50 , or go up as high as $ 80 every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The reason for such a broad range is that some terms are much more competitive than others. Keywords like “mortgage” and “real estate” are highly competitive right now. However, specified terms like “pet fence in Albuquerque New Mexico” are not as popular and won’t cost as much to include in your PPC campaign.

Optimum7 is a Google AdWords Certified Company, and based on our experience with clients, the average CPC campaign with Google AdWords is around $ 3.50 per click.

So, what should your overall budget be for your PPC campaign? That depends on the size of your business. A small business should spend a minimum of $ 1,000 a month to have an effective PPC campaign. Ecommerce sites and medium sized businesses should be spending around $ 8,000 a month to ensure their PPC campaign is a success. Large and very competitive businesses, like a company that sells office furniture or electronics, should spend a minimum of $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 a month on their PPC campaign to make sure they stand above the rivals in such a highly competitive market.

The important thing here is no matter how big or small your business is, it’s important to be aggressive when it comes to budgeting for a PPC campaign. If you’re not willing to spend enough, don’t even bother starting out with this marketing technique. To be successful with Google AdWords, it requires the funds behind it to gather the necessary data, test and optimize.

Investing in a company like Optimum7 can help you maximize your marketing dollars. We understand how to best manipulate keywords and landing pages on Google AdWords to get your business more traffic and increased conversions. The professionals at our company can take the guess work out of your PPC campaign and get your business on the road to success quickly and effectively. Contact us today to begin your profitable Google AdWords campaign.