Auto Cash Funnel Overview

{flickr|100|campaign} If you are a complete internet marketing newbie or been doing this for some time but still struggling to get targeted traffic and earn consistently, you definitely need to read this.

I just received an email from Chris Freville that Auto Cash Funnel which he co-founded with his student Paul Teague was live and opening to the public to order. Through this software, this is where everything will come together. Targeted traffic, list of ready buyers and most importantly, money to be earned.

Whatever you know or think you know all about affiliate marketing, you need to cast aside as most of those like PPC, media buys, banner advertising, article marketing etc are regarded as old school methods.

Though I have heard this from many gurus promoting their version of software and claim to be the best, Chris Freville is someone I certainly believe in even if I do not trust his student.

The reason I am saying this is because I am also one of his coaching students in his earlier coaching program called 6 Figures With Chris. Apart from that program, I received plenty of free bonuses, most of which are his past courses like Automate Your List and Dominating Niches.

Now lets look at their latest product Auto Cash Funnel.

Auto Cash Funnel or ACF in short is a very simple yet highly effective method of generating laser-targeted traffic and putting profits into your Clickbank accounts in a matter of weeks or even days.

This was started by his student Paul who discovered and developed his own unique methods to create his own online success. His achievements stunned even his mentor Chris who finally decided they should work together to make this system even more powerful in earning tons of unlimited commissions.

With proper coaching and training from Chris and Paul based on their combined internet marketing experiences, you could be earning money immediately.

But let us not get carried by all this first. Because like every program out there whether it is proven or scam, you need to go through what they teach you and understand the basics first before taking action.

Taking action by working hard is good but taking action by working smart is much greater.

Basically it consisted of a set of profit generating sales page templates worth $ 270. But you do not need to have any experience in web design or html to use them as this special software has done most of the work for you by creating those templates.

You will also be getting high quality videos and several useful resources and tools to help you get the whole system up and running. You set it once and the system will go on autopilot.