Australian Outback – Suggested Australian Outback Adventures You Just Cannot Ignore


One of the things that make Australia a must-go for tourists is its Outback scene. It is perfect for those who want to escape from the fast-paced big cities and just lay back, relax, and enjoy beautiful landscapes. So when you get an Australian visa for tourists and pack your bag for one Australian adventure, take note of some Australian outback destinations such as the Flinders Ranges (South Australia), Longreach (Queensland), and Broken Hill (New South Wales).

1. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The largest mountain range in South Australia, the Flinder Ranges stretch for more than 430 kilometres from Port Pirie to Lake Callabona. The Ranges are known for the Ediacara Hills, where some f the oldest fossil evidences of animal life was discovered in 1946. The plants that inhabit the ranges include sugar gum, cypress pine, mallee, and black oak. The animals, on the other hand, include red kangaroos, yellow-footed rock wallaby, wedge-tailed eagle, and dragon lizards. When going to the Ranges take note of the Wilpena Pound. It is a large sickle-shaped natural amphitheatre. It covers nearly 80 square kilometres and it contains the Ranges’ highest peak, the St. Mary Peak (1170 m).

So what are the things that you can do in this outback destination? Of course, you cannot miss to see the majestic natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound. You can drive into the deep outback and spend some time exploring the legendary desert tracks. Taking a scenic flight over the Flinders Ranges is also one of the things that you cannot miss doing.

2. Longreach, Queensland

Named after the “long reach” of the Thomson River in which it is situated, Longreach is one place where you can find a nice spot and do absolutely nothing for a while or you can go for a horse and buggy ride, try to whistle on a gum leaf, or join campfires and hear the poetry of the Outback people.

There are a number of tourist spots in Longreach. One of these is the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, which was officially opened in 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II. It is a tribute to Australia’s Outback heroes and it showcases a variety of traditional artifacts, electronic displays, photographs and films. The Longreach Powerhouse Museum is also a place to visit and discover one of Longreach’s best kept secrets. In the museum, you will see exhibits that include the powerhouse generating equipment, displays of social and commercial history, and the 1921 swimming baths. You can also get a taste of the old days by stepping aboard a Cobb and Co. coach, which will take you through the streets of Longreach.

3. Broken Hill, New South Wales

A mining town, Broken Hill is considered as a Mecca for Artists and Filmmakers. Because of its rich deposit of silver, it is also known as the Silver City. It is located near the border with South Australia on the crossing of the Barrier Highway and the Silver City Highway, in the Barrier Range. But more than being a town that has rich deposits of minerals like silver, lead, and zinc, Broken Hill is famous for its enchanting sunset amongst red desert sands as well as the friendly nature of its community. So you can start off by having a beer or cup of tea with its local residents.

One of Broken Hill’s must-see destinations is the Pro Hart Gallery and Sculpture Park which contains a wide range collection of paintings and sculptures of noted Australian artist Kevin “Pro” Hart. The gallery also features the Rolls Royce that Hart painted in his unique style. Moreover, Broken Hill may be a small rural town but it is not short of a vibrant nightlife. Establishments that cater to both locals and tourists include the Musician’s Club and the Democratic Club.