Auckland Solar Hot Water – 7 Reasons To Switch

{flickr|100|campaign} So maybe you’ve considered switching to solar hot water in Auckland, but somehow you’re just not quite convinced. Well, here are 7 GREAT reasons to install a solar water heating system in your home.
1. First and foremost – the fuel is free! And there’s no catch – solar hot water captures heat and energy directly from the sun, so it’s free now, and you can be sure it will STAY that way. And that means you can say goodbye to worrying about rising energy costs!
2. Okay, but as we all know, Auckland can be a bit rainy – is there really enough sun to make it worthwhile to go solar? Well, Germany isn’t exactly the sunshine capital of the world, and they’re leading the world in solar installations, so if they can do it, you’d better believe Auckland has enough sun!
3. But let’s get down to what we all want to know – is it worth the money? First off, you need to know that hot water accounts for a big chunk of your power bill – usually about 30%. And going solar will help you save $ 350-$ 450 per year on power, which is enough to make anybody sit up and take notice.
4. Solar hot water is also a great investment – it will increase the value of your home because, let’s face it, what prospective buyer wouldn’t want to walk into a new home that’s already set up to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?
5. Not only that, the government thinks it’s a good idea too, even to to the point that they’re willing to PAY you $ 1,000 to install solar hot water in your home.
6. And let’s not forget, solar hot water is one of the simplest ways to reduce your contribution to global warming. Solar hot water produces ZERO greenhouse gas emissions, so you’re free to enjoy hot water in your home without worry and guilt.
7. And finally, solar hot water is hassle-free. For most systems, the technology is simple, so they only need servicing every 3-5 years, meaning you can sit back, relax and let Mother Nature just keep working for you.

So there are 7 great reasons to switch to solar hot water in Auckland. Of course there is a lot more to find out about this great new technology. Any water heating system is a big investment, so you don’t want to jump in without having all your facts straight. If you’re eager to find out more, visit the website listed below and download a FREE REPORT that will give you all the information you need to get started. It answers frequently asked questions about solar hot water in Auckland, and discusses in more detail why solar hot water is one of the greenest home improvement options around. You can also find more information on the EECA website, or at the Wikipedia entry for Solar Water Heating. But for the fastest and easiest way to get started, download the FREE REPORT available at the URL listed below – there’s just no good reason to wait!