Auckland Renovations – Fix All the Leaky Home Problems


Statistics about homes that were made in New Zealand in 1900’s reveal that leaky home was the basic problem faced by many home makers. Generally, it was the material used, that was responsible for the leakage. To prevent home leaking, waterproofing of the foundation is the best step to carry out. This will keep the base dry. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your basement dry:

Keep Water Away From Home Foundation: Always try to keep the assets away from water and add 2 inch of sand per foot as you move away from your home.

Make Your Interior Wall Waterproof: Always make your wall waterproof from inside with one of the various waterproofing compounds available at the nearest store. This will keep wall dry inside for a longer period.

Install Drainage System: You should install an interior drainage system to keep your home free from serious Leaky Home basement problem. There are two ways to get it done. One is to install a sump pump or a perimeter drain. In the sump pump, a hole is made in the basement by which water is removed from the basement when it is filled at a certain level. The cost involved is less in this system. Perimeter drain involves breaking the basement floor along the perimeter and installing the drain tiles pump where they carry the water along the trench point to the discharge point. The discharge point is the sump pump, where water flows outside the house. A perimeter drain costs more when compared to sump pump.

If you get any type of leakage problems, call an emergency plumbing company. There are lots of plumbing companies available these days. Search a reputable and licensed company. You can easily find a good company online. Another way to resolve the leakage issue permanently is through home renovation. If you do not have any plan to shift another place, then renovation is the best option for you. Let a qualified professional do this for you. Keep your home well maintained to feel relaxed and pleasant. Renovation increases the worth of your home as well as resolves all the Home Leaky issues.