Attractive Museums in Barcelona Spain


Barcelona has a great number of museums whose number is in the fifties. These museums cover different subjects which include history, architecture, art, science, sports, maritime and war. This explains why the number is so high and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

However, there are museums which are more popular than other meaning they record a bigger number of visitors than the rest. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and comes second in popularity after Madrid which is the capital of Spain. The following museums are worth visiting for those thinking of visiting the city for a trip or a vacation.

Museu del Temple Expiatori de La Sagrada Familia

Antonio Gaudi is for sure one of the most influential architects in Barcelona and his work leave a lot to be admired. The Sagrada Familia temple is one of his greatest creations which is yet to be completed up to date. This was the last of the architect’s work seeing that he died suddenly before finishing this piece of art.

Inside the temple there is a museum which focuses on the development and history of the temple and also highlights Gaudi as an architect giving it a very soft touch. You will find photos from the early times of the temple to the most current since the construction is still ongoing and expected to be completed probably within the next tens years.

La Pedrera

This unusual building is another of the many wonderful works of Gaudi and comes second in terms of visitation records after Sagrada Familia. It has unusual walls which are irregular in shape which made tenants and room hires to be worried that their household furniture might not fit well. The museum currently houses a collection of renaissance drawings as well as modern paintings of art. It is definitely a beautiful place for art lovers and architectural fans too.

Museu Futbol Club Barcelona

This football museum has trophies and statues of famous footballers making it very popular among football lovers. It is the Barcelona’s football club museum and has all the famous players and their achievements. When here, you can choose to buy one ticket which allows you access to the pitch area of the museum or choose to buy dual tickets which will not only allow you to the pitch area but to the changing rooms, VIP lounge and the press rooms as well. This is definitely something for football fans.