Attractive Destinations for Halloween Holiday

Halloween holiday is coming. It is a festival of great popularity. Everybody likes this holiday because it is very fun. Most people enjoy their Halloween holiday in places where they live. However, many people want to experience the fear of ghosts in completely new places. Where do you want to go this Halloween holiday? Are you a brave person? If you don’t believe in spirits and scare of ghosts and devils, these haunted places will change your mind.


Let’s explore the following attractive destinations for upcoming Halloween Holiday and make this Halloween one to remember with new ideas. 


The Queen Marry Ghost Ship in Long Beach, California is the first suggestion in the list. It’s one of the most attractive places for your Halloween holiday. People say that there are some ghosts on the board and many other areas of the ship. The first class swimming pool, the third class children’s playroom and the Queen’s salon are all haunted. But the most haunted area of the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death trying to escape a fire. 

The ship is haunted by an infant who died on board. The spirits of a woman and a man are also frequently seen.


Tombstone park in Arizona with false bones will make you shiver when walking nearby.


Coming to Halloween Festival in New York, you will have the chance to live with skeletons or mummies. The festival takes place in many days and New York becomes the city of ghosts.


Known as the Dracula’s Castle, Bran castle in Romania is an interesting for tourists to explore in Halloween holiday.


A lot of people choose New Orleans for Halloween holiday. Located in Louisiana, America, the city is so creepy to poor-spirited tourists with completely deserted streets and odd effigies.

– Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Studios Florida theme park turns the park into a terrible place with scare zones and haunted houses.

– Bytown Museum in Canada is regarded as the most fearful place. Stepping into the Bytown Museum, the walls get closer, the air gets colder, and your skin may be crawled. Visitors often hear strange voice or even ghosts in the lobby of the museum.

– Old houses and gloomy cemeteries have made London, the city of fog become the most enjoyable city for Halloween holiday.

– Fork Town in Washington, America with dull weather and deserted streets is an ideal site for Halloween holiday. The city becomes extremely famous after being chosen to be a key setting of Twilight series.



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