Attractions Of Las Vegas And Orlando


The United States has incredible places to visit from coast to coast. There are iconic structures that are recognized all over the world. The Statue of Liberty in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco are two common symbols of America. But more than iconic structures, America is known for fun and the opportunity for any man or woman to become rich by either pluck or luck. One American city known for good clean fun is Orlando, Florida. Las Vegas, on the other hand, is a city where people can become rich not by hard work but by the roll of the dice or the fall of the cards.

Orlando is America’s theme park capital. It has a theme park for any kind of topic. The best known theme park is Disney World. Disney World is the home of the Magic Castle and Epcot Centre. These two places bring to life some of the most beloved characters in the world. But Disney World is not the only theme park in Orlando. Many vacationers take rooms at one of the numerous comfortable and affordable Orlando hotels and visit any number of parks. Places like Sea World, Cypress Gardens and the Holy Land Experience draw people from all over who are looking for a good time.

Las Vegas also attracts people looking for fun. In Las Vegas the primary source of fun is the thrill of winning lots of money. Las Vegas is primarily a playland for adults. The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most famous streets in America. Here you can find the amazing Las Vegas hotels with their incredible facades, opulent rooms, first class entertainment and fabulous casinos. These casinos have turned Las Vegas from a sleepy, desert town into one of the most popular vacation destinations.

For its entire splendour, Las Vegas is an excellent vacation bargain. The cheap holidays Las Vegas provides comes complete with rooms, meals and entertainment. If you are savvy shopper you can find cheap Las Vegas holiday packages every day of the year. All the fun in Las Vegas is not in the casinos. Vegas have the best shows, numerous theme and water parks for the young, plus excellent shopping and amazing nature and culture tours.

Orlando and Las Vegas two different types of All-American fun!

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