Attractions in Airports


If you have kids who get bored with all the waiting around that has to be done in the airport then you will know the frustration of having to queue for customs, to queue for tickets and baggage and to queue for food when you get through. So what if there was interesting stuff to keep your little angels happy when they are waiting? You could be in luck.

In Moscow Domodedovo airport you can be taught falconry to ward off dangerous birds. There are demonstrations for people flying through the airport, and it will keep your kids excited as they wait.

In Changi airport in Singapore you can take a swim in the Balinese themed pool, and it’s a great place to visit if this is the asian hub that you are stopping off on your way to Australia or one of the other major countries that Singapore services. The great news is as it is on site you don’t need to go through customs.

If you happen to be passing through Charlotte in North Carolina you can take a break on one of the rocking chairs that are on offer. A popular attraction to travellers, they have been in installation since 1997.

In Amsterdam Airport you can get married on a vintage plane in their ‘fly away to yesterday’ themed wedding.

In Tokyo, Japan you can upload all your pictures and make a montage, or you can stand in front of a screen and take a picture of yourself, which is then superimposed onto an image putting you in a Japanese costume and standing in front of one of their major attractions. Not bad for not even having stepped out of the airport!

In Salt Lake City International airport in Utah, America you can play a round of golf on the eighteen hole course adjacent to the south terminal. The city is not normally known for its verdant sports, more commonly for snow sports, but it is a beautiful course for if you have a few hours to kill.

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