Attractions Explored On Malaysia Are Staircase to Heaven


Malaysia is truly a wonder for the visitors; this Island country is located in South East Asia. This beautiful country has many captivating attractions which are very beautiful which hooks the visitors to visit this place gain and again. This country is the most sought after tourist destination in the South East Asia with numerous beautiful attractions. The country is incredible from fascination shopping facilities to world of serenity. Beautiful locales, luxury and comfort accommodations and mouth watering cuisines entice the visitor’s lot from the entire world.

Singapore is speckled with some beautiful attractions which is a sheer wonder and truly cast a magic spell on you; some of the most beautiful destination and attraction on your Malaysia trip are listed below:

Petronas Towers This tower is one of the most beautiful and the tallest twin tower in the world. Petronas tower is located in the heart of capital city of Malaysia that is Kuala Lumpur. These towers build by shatterproof concrete with glass and steel façade and are designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art and are reflection of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. The 88 floors tower is one of the wonder sky –crappers in the world and is also the crowning glory of the Malaysia tourism. There is a bridge intercepting the buildings on the 41st and 42nd floor of the tower. It is from here the entire of the Malaysia’s surroundings can be admired. After visiting this tower the visitors really wonders and there heads are really in the clouds after their visit.

Cameron Highlands This is the most beautiful hill station in the Malaysia and was first developed by the British in the year 1920. This hill station cool climatic conditions and lush greeneries all over entice the visitors all over. The green hill station is beautifully speckled with well organized tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, green verdant forest, picturesque landscapes and exotic floras truly hooks the visitors from the entire world to visit here.

Johor Johor is the beautiful landscape in Malaysia and is the most commercial centre in Malaysia. It is beautifully characterized by plantation like rubber, pineapple and palm and is also one of the major tourist destinations. This beautiful place is speckled with beautiful shops, restaurants, bar, historical buildings, lovely architecture and old age monuments are very worth to see and explore the beauties. Apart from the visitors can visit the stunning beaches, islands, national parks and many alike. Truly speaking with any Malaysia Holiday Packages your visit to Johor would be of great charm and you would be back with bagful memories which will always cherish your heart forever.

Genting Highlands Welcome to the crowning glory of the Malaysia tourism the none other than Genting highlands lovingly called as the Las Vegas of Malaysia. The Malaysia Genting Tour is mostly loved by the visitors as this city glisters like that of Las Vegas in United States of America. The glittering casinos, entertainment services, lovely cafes, intoxicating bars, beautiful restaurants, themes park it is this places which is visited by all the visitors of different ages and enjoy and explore their great holidays in great extent.

So, plan a trip to Malaysia and enjoy the scenic beauty of Malaysia the truly Asia.