Atopic Dermatitis – Pipeline Assessment And Market Forecasts To 2017

.tags GlobalData estimated the global atopic dermatitis therapeutics market to be valued at $ 728m in 2009. It is expected to grow to $ 942m at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.3% by 2017. This growth is primarily attributed to an increase in competition among existing products and the presence of a strong pipeline with more emerging therapies. Globally, the US remains the largest market for atopic dermatitis therapeutics, and was valued at $ 415m in 2009. However, with most of the demand expected to come from developed economies, the center of global atopic dermatitis therapeutics market activity is potentially due for a paradigm shift.
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In 2009, there were approximately 35 million cases of atopic dermatitis reported within the seven geographies (the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan). This equated to a prevalence of approximately 5%. GlobalData estimates that the number of atopic dermatitis patients is forecast to increase to about 42 million by 2017, representing an increase in prevalence. Some of the factors associated with an increased risk of atopic dermatitis include small family size, higher socioeconomic and educational levels regardless of ethnicity, movement from a rural to an urban environment, and an increased use of antibiotics. Research has indicated that there is a predominance of type-2 helper T cells (Th2) in atopic dermatitis. A higher number of cases would involve the increased uptake of therapeutics, thereby increasing the growth of the market.

The global atopic dermatitis market is heavily fragmented, with numerous generic products at relatively low prices. The patent expiry of marketed products such as Protopic and Elidel in the period 2012 2015 would allow the further entry of generic products at cheaper prices, reducing market growth as well as the market size.

GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, Atopic Dermatitis – Pipeline Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2017. The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the global Atopic Dermatitis therapeutics market. The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the global Atopic Dermatitis therapeutics market. The report also provides insights into the competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to significantly alter the positions of the existing market leaders. Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights into the pipeline products within the global Atopic Dermatitis sector.

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