Asian Medicinal Herb – What Is The Most Popular Asian Medicinal Herbs?

{flickr|100|campaign} There are a wide variety of different choices available when it comes to using an Asian medicinal herb to treat an ailment. Because there are so many different options, it becomes necessary to really research what is out there before you choose to use one medicinal herb over the others. Some medicinal herbs in Asia are more popular than others either because they are very effective in treating one specific type of ailment, or because they are effective in treating a wide variety of different ailments at the same time. The more research and preparation that you conduct prior to using these herbal medicines, the better able you will be to benefit from their properties.

Asian countries have a very long history of relying on herbs and herbal medicines for healing purposes. It is only recently that Western countries are starting to understand the numerous benefits that are associated with herbs and herbal medicines. There are more than 3,200 different herbs used in China alone in conjunction with animal extracts and minerals in order to create medicines. Each Asian medicinal herb can be used for different purposes and to meet different needs. Some of the best herbs for use in Chinese herbal medicine are Astragalus, ginseng and Kacip Fatimah.

Astragalus is an Asian medicinal herb that has been used along with many other herbs in order to strengthen the body. This is especially important when boosting the immune system and allowing the body to become stronger against disease. This plant is native to many Asian areas including Korea, China and Mongolia. The medicinal qualities behind this herb are found in the roots, as they have both antibacterial qualities and inflammatory properties as well. Ginseng is an herb that has been revered throughout China for several thousands of years.

Asian ginseng is purported to possess many extraordinary capabilities in terms of restoration and health. This Asian medicinal herb has been used for the treatment of fatigue, amnesia, headaches, diabetes, tuberculosis and cancer. It has also been used for aphrodisiac purposes. Ginseng is also a stress reliever, a stimulant, and a tea and can be used in soup. It can be processed or ingested raw. Kacip Fatimah is also known as Labisia pumila and is especially popular in Malaysia where it is used in childbirth and delivery, inducing the childbirth and reducing the pain associated with the delivery. It is also used as a medication postpartum as it has healing capabilities and helps to regain body strength.