Arsenal VS Tottenham score: Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper veteran best score


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Manuel Almunia: 6 points with some good saves, but the attack was shot by Ross

Clichy: assists and 6 points seems to lack the desire, not threat

Vermaelen: 5 minutes under no confrontational early exit because of injury

Campbell: 8 minutes to play pretty good overall, but luck is not very good

Sarnia: Bell scored 6 points, he failed offside trap stations caused

Diaby: 7 points always played great power, but the lack of flexibility

Ebner: 6 minutes pass options are always a problem, and the first few energy is not

Denilson: 6 minutes pass and pass only horizontally, awareness of the lack of a forward pass

Bendtner: 7 points to his support of his teammates is not enough, although he entered the ball, there was an obvious failure to grasp the opportunity

Rosicky: 6 minutes played very unstable, very well thought balls with one foot, but only so far

Nasri: 7 points is very active, but not too many contributions to


Sylvester: 7 points there are some blocking done quite well, but there are loopholes opponents man-mark

Walcott: 6 points assists the goals of the Turner, but the remaining time to play a very general

Van Persie: 7 wonderful shot twice by Gomes damaged, but still only goal instigated the attack Arsenal


Gomez: 9 points with three world class saves, of course, the best player

Hector: 8 points with outstanding performance, full offensive and defensive

Dawson: 8 minutes about only one interception did not succeed, the goals that Turner

Ledley. Kim: 7 separate field when a bit tight, then recovered quickly

Bell: 8 points this season is really good for him

Kabul: 6 minutes to play defensive midfield, no eye-catching performance

Herder Stone: 6 points are in general, but did not make mistakes

Modric: 6 points more than the offensive defensive performance

Rose: 7 pm the wonderful world of wave

Pavlyuchenko: 7 minutes Arsenal continued interference in the line of the ball wantonly

Defoe: 6 minutes played very struggle, but very exciting that assists


Gudjohnsen: 6 points missed a good opportunity

Crouch: 5 minutes no time performance

Bentley: 6 minutes to play their role