Arsenal Champions League before the key trump card to regain the success or failure hinges on his reversal of Porto


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After Arsenal beat Burnley, Wenger has a fear of a hi, the worry is that the first half will be the number one star Cesc Fabregas injured, but also hurt in the old wound, there is likely to miss the Champions League three days after the knockout. The joy is that Arshavin finally back, and scored off the bench after the play may have come back well, can play a trump card against Porto.

The first 29 Premier League: Arsenal 3-1 Burnley [Sports Photo Center] Arshavin to congratulate his teammates after scoring accepted

Feb. 11 at home against Liverpool, Arshavin was replaced halfway through injury, then missed three league games and a Champions League. Wenger looking forward to a great comeback on the Tsar, before he said: “Andrea came back in time, to our great good news is, he must at the game, but taking into account three days later we have more important of a ball, everything should be safety first, I will not let him starting. “

For a new hair look forward to playing Arshavin, Russia at half-time warm-up began on the sidelines, the fans are cheering at him. Walcott scored in after the Czar Wenger called to deploy. Appeared again after a lapse of one month, Arshavin quickly into the rhythm, played only 1 minute to accurately pass to Walcott on the right, before the point of playing Diaby empty, after the point of welcoming the ball volley Czar they kick hit high.

For the attackers, the state recovery will take time, especially the feeling of shooting. Eduardo broken leg can be like a year as the first battle on the back brace, and thousands of miles to pick one. Arshavin, too, the first 86 minutes, he got the chance one on one with the goalkeeper, this time more outrageous side of the relevant statistic procedures. 4 minutes later, the tsar and Eduardo received the return, the location was a good kick blank range he denied. Courtside fans sigh, as if tainted by the Russian people, like the habits of the Turner.

But injury time, Arshavin is the difference reflects the ability to compete with, or restricted the right of the ball, get out of neutral and vigorously Shishe after the kick, shot high power near corner, hit the goalkeeper of a surprise. Arshavin goal net to hit 7 points, “he declared the goal back,” “Daily Mail”, said: “away from the stadium did not affect his motivation.”

I am afraid not play because of injury Porto, Fabregas, Arsenal, Arshavin urgent need to return the squad Jiujia second striker. Dragon set off course, the gunmen hold the line on the lack of Tsar, the result does not rain thunder air attack, by positioning the ball hit Canada scored a header before Kankan. Arsenal must be pressure on the second leg attack, Arshavin can play a small law Frontal position, using his creativity to fill out some of the tactics of small vacuum left by law.