Are You Trying to Make Friends With All Your Courage? How to Make Friends Easily


Meeting people and making friends in an unknown place such as an unfamiliar town, a new church, a new school, even on the road…is something which many people find difficult to do. Now, this article gives some techniques to help you change your world from a lonely island to a crowded city.


1. Be confident

Most people are often lonely, not because they are not attractive or they have one problem or the other, but simply because they are shy or afraid. The simple truth is the average human being wants to make friends, (and that goes for yourself too). One policy I adopt is to ask first, never assume what the other person is thinking; find out first. And that takes some level of courage.


2. Offer a compliment


There is always something good about everyone you meet. And everybody likes to be appreciated. So to get someone’s attention I’ll suggest you offer a compliment. It serves as an ego booster (everyone loves an ego boost) and it is a sure way of establishing a connection and of course a rapport. May I also say that you should be truthful about your compliments. Don’t flatter; compliment. No matter how small, it will be appreciated.

3. Listen more, talk less

Truth is, everyone is more interested in themselves than in other people, hell, that’s the reason you decided to make friends in the first place. So when you try to make a conversation with someone, listen more and talk less. Assure the person that you are listening by good eye contact, affirmations and clever questions. With this you even get to discern what kind of person he or she is. After this it is safe to ask for a phone number and plan to hang out.


4. Pay attention (No technology)

We just talked about getting a phone number, see, most people are always preoccupied with their devices which may be phones, iPods and the works. This is a no-no, it’s a connection blocker. Pay more attention to your immediate surroundings, you will be amazed at who you will notice and who will notice you.


5. Be happy


Everyone has enough problems (even you). Try not to bug others with your issues by putting on a long face. It drives people away. See, even if you make the move, your expression alone can put people on the defensive and no matter how hard you try you may not make headway. Add humor to your lifestyle and you will attract people.


6. Associate yourself with a movement or club

This is also important. Some people live what I’ll like to call a “triangular life”; home to school or work to church and back home. That’s not nice. Join one group or the other, it gives you a chance to mingle with people of your type. You will always have something to talk about.


7. Don’t be idle, do something


This is important in so many ways. These days’ people like to be around people who have something they are doing. You could get a job, make some money. Besides what’s the use of having a girlfriend when you cannot spend some money on her. Beside you meet people any where there is work going on, so you keep making friend no matter what.

8. Go do it

You’ll be at the same level you were if you don’t make a move. Consciously make the effort to go out there and make friends from today. You can start by giving yourself a target number every day. Before you know, it will become a lifestyle.


Well, happy making friends.