Are you in the middle of developing a niche product for you?


Today there is an competitive market and survival is only for those who are fittest in the competition. many small business owners launch new products in the market but all efforts goes in veins as some basic things were missing. Common people marketing is something different. People accept only those products which meets there requirements only.

There are many ways a person can develop its core marketing product. Based on some personal experiance some useful ways to generate new ideas for developing your niche product.

1. Flow with the current trend. There are many ways you can find out what are the present demand of the market. The most safe thing to start with. There is always a demand for new product if it is with latest technology.

2. Alternate or Solution for any problem. Develop a product which will be a solution for a particular industry or services. You can also choose to produce an alternate product for any existing product or services and come up with a better solution.

3. If you like to be different with others, create a a product which can be better in usability and durability with your existing competition. No matter if you have a smaller or a bigger solution, you need to present a different and a better solution.

4. Find out which all are use in general day to day needs. Pick any one and start thinking on developing modules of presenting a improved version of it. People will accept the new and improved version even though the cost is bit high.

5. Think of a product which can have multible benefites. For example there may be few related products or services sold separately into the market. Why not combine those into one and present a customer a complete product.

6. Find out some products you feel can have something extra. If you feel those products should have certain more features or supporting product can do better, try to develop an addon to existing product. There is aways a good market for innovative ideas and addons which can improve there existing products.

7. Conduct a small survey within your customers as well as in general market. Listen to the problems and views of common people. A door to door survey can help you to get better product ideas as it has come out with majority of the customer’s requirements.

People need simple solutions. No one has time to undersatnd the complexity of a thing. So why not create a simple solution that can be affordable to all.