Are UK Working Visas Really Necessary?


When your parents were younger, the thought of getting UK working visas probably seemed like a waste of time to them. There were literally tens of thousands of people travelling throughout the UK, working without the proper paperwork. Some of them got kicked out of the country, some of them just worked for low wages, under the table. Today, the British High Commission is a lot tougher on foreign workers and if you plan on entering the country for more than a short visit, UK working visas are mandatory.

Luckily, there are many different types of UK working visas, and you should find one that will allow you to travel at your leisure while still getting a job while you are there. For younger people, the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme (also known as the Working Holiday Visa) is the most popular. This is for adults under the age of 30 who want to live and work in the UK for up to two years.

For people over the age of 30, and who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, a Tier 1 Highly Skilled visa is idea. This visa allows the recipient to live and work anywhere in the UK for up t three years, with an optional two year extension. You don’t need to have a job lined up for you, and you can work in any number of jobs while you are in the UK.

Finally, there are other work visas available for people who just want to travel to Ireland, those with UK ancestry, and those who already have a civil partner, dependent, or spouse with a British passport. As long as you are an English-speaking citizen of a Commonwealth country, you should have no trouble finding a work visa that suits your needs and allows you to enjoy a long, fruitful stay in the UK.