Are Multi Level Marketing Opportunities An Effective Business?


With the prospect of economic fluctuation, people are getting tired of working for others, worried about losing their job, have insufficient funds to pay the bills or no spare money for those occasional treats. As a result of this, people are looking for alternative ways to either earn additional income or to establish a different way of living.

It is not only those working that are looking, but students, moms and job seekers. It will not be surprising as a result of the spending review in the UK that more people will be looking for help to make ends meet.

The declining Economy has already affected the lives of many people all over the world to the extent that they have realised that the most lucrative way to create Wealth and prosperity is to take action for themselves.

Apparently more than 200 million people will start a small business within the next few years. Why, because it offers more financial stability and security than a nine to five job. Small businesses are the back bone to the world economy.

Although people may be approached from a friend or by a member of the family regarding a lifetime changing business opportunity, the majority of people make searches through the internet.

What searchers normally stumble across in the first instance are one of the many Multi Level Marketing Opportunities (MLM) selling their lotions, potions, pills and vacations. Regardless of the product, the business model on how to make money is what is most attractive. Although the commissions may not necessarily be great to start of with, over time wealth can be generated. It’s these types of opportunities that generally attract people.

Many have always liked the thought of working for themselves, but have struggled to come up with a lucrative idea. It is not surprising then when an MLM opportunity is presented that people are prepared to give it a go, but only to find after about 6 months the motivation and drive diminishes. This is primarily driven by leads drying up as friends and family run out.

As said, the concepts behind the MLM business model are sound hence attractive, but the way to get leads (customers) is so old school. Making a list of your friends and family, buying leads, cold calling, and sending people to a corporate website, having house parties and hotel conferences is hard work. The majority of Multi Level Marketing companies still work in this way.

One way to drive a business is through internet marketing. Many use the internet primarily to buy things, so why not turn this around and learn how to sell things instead. People from all over the globe, from all walks of life and all types of business backgrounds can become a successful online marketer. You just need to know how.

So you search further and now you find a number of sites offering internet marketing as a way to generate an income and great wealth. What do you choose? What is a genuine business? People are sceptical and this is not surprising. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of.

How does this sound as a proposal. What if you can follow an internet training system at your own pace and in your time to learn the skills that only the top internet marketers use in order to sell any product or service available. What if you can mastermind with great leaders to understand what motivates and drives these people with great passion in order to get great results. What if you can tap into a community that is willing to help answer any questions relating to becoming a successful online marketer.

Remember, using the internet reaches out to people all over the world and not limited to your local community and family. You don’t have to struggle with a broken, “old school” Multi Level Marketing business model. The choice is of course yours.

Learning internet marketing skills and developing that leadership mindset is a great start, but none of this is any good unless you have a product or service to market. Well surprisingly, people soon find their services become in demand and are attracted by a number of companies who will pay out great commissions to market their goods. So this too is taken care of.

Think about what you could be doing in your spare time should you succeed. Once up and running, an internet business operates 24/7 – but you don’t. That’s the beauty about an internet marketing business model. Just follow a system that works, be part of community of leaders and establish a business by working from the comfort of your own home.

Mastering the internet really is a good way to leverage time and money.
If you own a brick and mortar business, a business working from home (MLM) or looking for a work at home business idea, then marketing on the internet is an exciting way to do business.

My name is Gary Oakes and I’m helping people to build a presence on the internet. Knowing how to serve others is so important to be a successful marketer. This is one of many tips available in respect to marketing your business, even on the internet. Training is available for which I’m a coach. If you wish to understand more about an alternative way to build a business at home without going through one of the many Multi Level Marketing Opportunities then visit

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