Are High Gas Prices A Scam And An Assault On The Middle Class?


There’s been a great deal of talk and speculation lately of how high gas prices are literally crippling the American public. It is evident that the middle class in this country is shrinking at a fairly rapid rate thanks to the devaluation of the dollar, unregulated “Big Oil” and OPEC. Many expert economists, along with myself, view the rise in gas prices as a complete and utter scam / assault on the blue collar people of our nation.

It would appear that most Americans are concerned by the spike in costs at the pump but very few are actually taking control of their own finances. The stats show that many are now looking into alternative forms of fuel like hydrogen, electricity, solar, and water. Only a select few have chosen to take advantage of this cheap alternative technology. For example, did you know that everyday Americans are saving hundreds per month on gasoline because they’ve converted their cars to water powered hybrids? You probably think that I’m joking, but this is the fact. It’s been proven for many years that you can literally double your gas mileage and have cleaner emissions with this simple technology.

Why have you not heard about affordable advances to substantially increase gas mileage like the aforementioned? Well, if you become a student of history, you will quickly find that many individuals who’ve tried to bring this to the mainstream were either bought out by Big Oil or silenced by paid hit-men. Yes, many conglomerates have dirty hands and the rabbit hole is very deep. Our system has been purposely designed to create a dependency on oil so it makes you feel like you would have to detach from the grid completely to get other forms of energy safely and effectively. This is an illusion to the highest degree!

Now, if you’re like me then you’ll understand that Big Oil has been influencing your train of thought since you were born through the mainstream media. We’ve all heard that solar power (and other alternative / clean forms of energy) are too expensive and the oil conglomerates are “working” on an alternative. Personally, this sounds like the same excuse that, for example, the American Cancer Society gives the public when they imply that a “cure” is around the corner. It’s all a business folks! They are raising prices simply because they can because they know you’ll pay whatever they want.

It’s time to wake up people and take a large shot of reality. Gas prices for autos, trucks, and any other vehicle are not coming down! Where is congress, you may ask? Unfortunately, our law-makers are bribed (I mean lobbied) by “Big Oil” daily so it’s not in their best interest to enact legislation that helps the average American. It’s now up to us to become more creative and innovative with our approach to different forms of fuel.

We can cease reliance on foreign oil once and for all and the first step is to implement the other proven, safe alternatives we have now. I highly recommend converting your car to one that uses HHO technology, as I have first-hand experience with it’s effectiveness. You can find a simple, cheap conversion manual online (see below) that will allow you to save loads of cash every month at the pump. Run your car on water for a few weeks and rest assured, you’ll be kicking yourself for not using this technology earlier.

You don’t have to be the victim of high gas prices anymore with this powerful knowledge. By the way, you can also go and watch major news stories on YouTube about the water for gas movement. One of my videos that will help empower you is called “Are High Gas Prices a Scam?” Watch it now so you can take control of your finances once and for all!