Are All Weight Loss Programs Created Equal?


The answer…is definitely No…all weight loss programs are not created equal. And the reason is really quite simple.

Just as we are all different in our age, height, size, shape, metabolism, goals and way of life, there are also differences between all of the available weight reduction programs. And there needs to be, because the programs all have different goals in mind…different goals to suit OUR unique goals.

Some programs are about instant results…losing 10 pounds in 10 days, or losing 3 inches off your waist, hips or thighs (or all 3), or fitting into your swimsuit for summer, or dropping a dress size in 48 hours for your best friend’s wedding!

Some programs are about medium term goals like losing 50 pounds over the next 6 months, or losing only 20 pounds but keeping it off for a period of time…and some programs are about providing long-term life-changing healthy-living solutions. These long-term plans are more concerned with making sure that you lose all the weight you need in a planned and healthy manner, and that the changes you make are changes for your long-term health. So the programs are all different, have different purposes and will achieve different results.

For each one of us, with our own specific health goals, there is a separate group of possible programs. You, for example, might be better off with diet #1, while I might be better off with diet #2, and our friend might prefer diet #3. It all depends on where we are with our weight and lifestyle at the time we are looking, and what we therefore decide are our weight loss priorities.

So, our personal health goals are what determines the sort of plan we should look for. Should we try hypnotherapy or hypnotism for weight loss, or a body wrap, or some supplements? How important is exercise going to be in our weight reduction program? Will a carefully structured diet help or should we try a pill, patch or potion? Do we want healthy and natural products? What is it that is important to us when we choose a diet?

Our ultimate choice of program depends on what we are trying to achieve in relation to what the weight loss program will provide, and we need to match them up together for maximum success. Weight loss programs are not all created equal, and that is really fantastic…because it gives us something we all need and appreciate…the freedom of choice.

So let us celebrate the fact, that when it comes to weight loss programs…one size does not fit all!