Aquarius – rescue in deadly waters | DW Documentary

Aquarius – rescue in deadly waters | DW Documentary

June 2018: The odyssey of the rescue ship Aquarius revealed the EU’s deepening fault lines over refugee policy. [Online until: July 7, 2018]

Malta and Italy refused to accept the ship carrying more than 600 refugees. Spain agreed to take them in. This report shows the Aquarius on its first rescue mission in 2016, observing the crew as they are confronted with the dire situation of desperate people. The Mediterranean Sea is a cemetery. Increasing numbers of men, women, and children try to cross it and reach Europe. Many drown in its waters. “If Europe does nothing, then we have to act,” says Klaus Vogel, the German co-founder of SOS Méditerranée, and in 2016 the captain of the Aquarius. The organization SOS Méditerranée was founded in 2015 in response to the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean, and the European Union’s lack of action. Equipped with the rescue ship Aquarius, it is funded by donations. Filmmaker Jean-Paul Mari accompanied the Aquarius on her first rescue mission, and shows the efforts the crew undertakes each day to deal with the desperation and needs of migrants stranded at sea.

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