Appreciate The Beauty Of Panoramic Views Near Russell Square Hotels

{flickr|100|campaign} As a traveller, your stay at the Russell square hotels will expose you to much more destinations than you had expected to cover on your vacations in London. Find out the charms of this city, in the panoramic views Russell Square offers you. There are a lot of remarkable structures and traditionally thrilling places, which can be reached out by carrying a short travel around from your accommodation at one of the Russell Square hotels. Find out what all is there to scintillate your vacations in central London near your lodgings:

Houses of Parliament:
Houses of Parliament sprung into existence during the year 1042. Since then it has faced and survived various tribulations of time, like the break of fire and rebellions. In 14th century it served as a space for the courts of law. Today the members of London society can view the on goings of the parliament sessions, while tourists can appreciate the old and historic structure. Visitors can reach it at St Margarets Street.

Westminster Abbey:
Westminster Abbey has a league of royalty sleeping in its serenity. From Elizabeth I to Charles II and William III, many generations of royal blood were buried under the earth of this abbey after their death, along 3,300 other famous personalities. It has a gothic and very impressive structure, which can sail you to its era. It has survived long eras since 1066. Appreciate its timeless murals, tombs and statues on Dean’s Yard in Westminster.

Jewel Tower:
It is a great London attraction, often overlooked by the rushing travellers. Structured in the year 1365, it was used by King Edward III to hide precious his treasures and wardrobe. Today, it flaunts the Speakers robes and collections which will be a virtual tour to the Houses of Parliament. Visitors will spot it on Abingdon Street.

St Pauls Cathedral:
St Pauls Cathedral is the major cathedral of London, said to the Spiritual Home of London. Many important events took place over here, which includes the wedding of Charles and Lady Diana Spenser. It is a major landmark of the city, as the spiritual brilliance of London rests and is known by this cathedral. It is old by many years, during which it was even destroyed and reconstructed in 1666. It can be located in St Pauls Churchyard.

Big Ben:
Big Ben is a targeted destination of the visitors aiming to visit London on their vacations. It is a magnanimous clock tower, a work of Gothic era. It weighs about 13.7 tones, and stands as the second largest clock of the world. Visitors from oversees fill in this part of London at least once, to appreciate the rare piece of architecture.

Finding a place at one of the Russell Square hotels will bring you admits these spectacular panoramic views.