Applying the Law of Attraction


Since the early part of this new century, there’s a growing recognition that a force may exist in the cosmos that can be harnessed to bring about a desired personal result here in our plane of existence. Applying the Law of Attraction in your own life could be a way to get what you know you truly need from the universe.

In order to harness attraction, though, it’s necessary to know the steps involved in the process. Through trial and error by others who claim to be able to bring about a truly-desired result from the cosmos, there are certain steps which have been identified that need to be taken in the correct order. To start, a person must know exactly what he or she wants or needs before they request it (or ‘order’ it) from the universe.

There are meditative and other techniques which can help apply this aspect of attraction. It’s necessary, after all, to know exactly what’s desired or being asked for. The second step to be taken in engaging in attraction is to learn how to correctly ask for it. It’s not just a matter of going out into the backyard at night and shouting up at the star-filled sky to bring a double-cheeseburger and fries. Again, certain techniques can help in this matter.

The thing to do when it comes to correctly applying the Law of Attraction is to not only really and truly believe that what’s being asked is going to be delivered, but also that it’ll be here at any second. The positive energy a person gives off while doing this plays a part in moving the universe to create the conditions necessary for concrete action to take place.

Lastly, once the desired result arrives, a person needs to know how to accept it, use it, and then put it away or let it go and move on to the next application session in making a request to the universe. Many people who study attraction say that ‘letting go’ is vital when it comes to applying attraction correctly. Do these few things, and the Law of Attraction just may work.