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.tags Gushan Hong has repeatedly argued that: “Gu Chujun home is to serve the motherland, I believe he is innocent.”

? From “Gu Chujun will try to plea bargain the case or protect the interests of the enterprise market,”

Comments: guilt or innocence, Kai can by the people the final say? “Equality before the law,” whether any person, any office, whether you created a glorious past, or have been living in the bleak, “The net of justice has long arms,” violated the criminal law, it must accept the legal penalties .

Believe guilt Ye Hao, believe innocent worth mentioning, these are not important, important facts, the legal basis. Law is about evidence, and pay attention to the legal basis, as long as established facts of the crime, as long as the relevant legal basis, even if more arguments are useless, but just a waste of a few mouthfuls of saliva.

Xiao-Li Yang: “the quality of Taiwan’s LCD TV screen no problem, Sharp would not say Taiwan is given screen.”

? Taken from the “foreign TV: TV quality screen is no problem in Taiwan do not need to say”

Comments: This is a unity of the world, the tide of globalization, foreign brands TV landing in China, giving people more choice, the Chinese businessmen to make money, if the “gentleman’s love of money, taking the proper way “, this is understandable, after all, pursuit of profit is the nature of business. However, if the secret operations in an attempt to practice deception in order to deceive consumers to get the money, fear of any errors ethics. What is more, things came to light, also do everything possible to engage in sophistry to “admitting their guilt” and shouted in a vain attempt to evade responsibility, or even “stealing a march” in an attempt to smooth customs clearance, such a move is not only unwise, but it is shameful move.

Yang Dongwen: “There is no market demand for products, is a pile of scrap metal.”

? From “to” sacrifice price to quality “global competitiveness of Chinese TV show inflection point”

Commented: “Customer is God”, on business, consumer is the “sustenance” is “God.” Who can accurately grasp the demands of consumers, one might design and produce marketable products, whoever may be the first to occupy the highest point of the market.

Different consumers necessarily different from consumer demand, the same consumer at different times to make up with lots of consumer demand for its major changes occur. Since consumer demand is always changing, therefore, which requires companies doing market research, an accurate grasp of consumer psychology to develop a scientific and rational product design and marketing programs. Only in this way, business is possible in the “jungle” society in an invincible position.

Xu Zhenliang: “high-end product line of home appliances industry is relatively small, therefore more willing to take the popular household electrical appliance enterprises.”

? Taken from the “National Eagle United States in the Shadow of Gome Electrical difficult to get rid of the shadow”

Comment: Where there is making money, merchants turned to where the eye naturally. As a popular route to go, it will not be because of adverse effects such as severe as product homogeneity, the consumer orientation does not affect the sales performance accurately? And can not make money? Can achieve high profits? High profits are “flash in the pan” or “trickle down”? It can only “eight immortals, have done their best,” the.

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