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.tags Schneider’s of APC has announced that its APCSmart-UPSreg; RT product line added four new models, with outstanding power quality, performance and functionality, a 3U and 12U rack or tower selection, or equipment and facilities to help IT professionals manage more limited space under the engine room and the network cabinet deployment.

Schneider subsidiary APC has announced that its APCSmart-UPSreg; RT product line added four new models, with excellent Power supply Quality, performance and functionality, a 3U and 12U rack or tower selection, can help IT Or equipment and facilities professionals, management, limited space for the context of the cabinet room and network deployment. New APCSmart-UPSRT products into 5kVA, 6kVA (3U), 15kVA and 20kVA (12U) of four models, can provide users with reliable UPS To protect and improve usability. APCSmart-UPSRT family who want to protect the network hardware from power surges or power failures, to avoid data loss, while increasing availability of small and medium enterprises, is the ideal choice.

APCSmart-UPSRT product line includes different types of double conversion online type UPS, to provide users a flexible electrical configuration options: 5/6kVA models include 208V and 120V provide a variety of output voltage specifications of products; 15/20kVA models offer a removable input / output cable rack, ensure that the UPS can be simple, quick installation and maintenance.

“Focus, industry consolidation and virtualization, the trend will not only improve the availability of the data center, but also to enhance the network cabinets and room for high-availability requirements.” APCHBN DaveJohnson senior vice president, said, “In the limited space locations for the deployment of network management for IT and equipment there are many challenges, but the APC’s Smart-UPSRT products can provide this environment and meet the needs of today’s system control, monitoring and management. “

Adhering to the “holdings” more than 20 million units and repeated gains Award APCSmart-UPS product line, quality, Smart-UPSRT series of new models of the highlights and strengths include: high power applicability with flexible configuration ; high availability allows hot swap battery replacement to ensure a continuous safe operation; highly manageable, centralized management solution for both remote spot on the UPS can be configured and troubleshooting, In addition, through the display device can be equipped with rapid investigation and control operations, in order to understand the status of UPS; high serviceability, field replaceable control panel can be connected directly to achieve the rapid deployment of new IT equipment.

APCSmart-UPSRT a full range of models have been tested and validated, can be used in the English fly APC system architecture, its application can be optimized with different operating systems and network management platforms. Smart-UPSRT product line also provides some out of options, including related products and services. Users can choose Other Ancillary components, such as External Power cabinet , External PDU, NetShelter racks and enclosures, maintenance bypass panels, maintenance and management component. All products of this type with remote management components, particularly the APC’s PowerChute software for monitoring and management. In addition, APCSmart-UPSRT series of centralized management can be very easy to use APC’s England fly integrated management software and other server management software tools.

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