Anticipating the Crash of Facebook Messages on Email Marketing


A very influential and trusted research revealed market-shaking implications regarding the digital communication behaviors. The research primarily focused on the impact of Facebook on email marketing services and email switching behaviors and renders hardcore information about mobile email adoption, quite in detail.

There is nothing wrong in stating that the social media of today has come a long way. Superbly dynamic and intelligently integrated channels have made this space evolve more than ever before, ensuring your marketing get stronger and stronger. And now finally, with the coming of Facebook’s email services, they have also captured the consistent and most appropriate practice across multiple mediums and communication platforms.

1.Designing interactive messages: Till date, Social media was primarily focusing on direct, instant communication. The whole idea of most social networking websites was restricted to immediate interaction and real-time communication. But the tables turned, with the coming of tools like Facebook Messages, it will now become extremely significant that all communications turn highly interactive. The idea has now expanded to ensure a response system in place.

2.Work on the way you communicate: With time, the way of communicating with your idea has changed. For example, if your audience is young minds, then sound hyper and more enthusiastic about your offerings. Writers ensure to use and understand words that are common and frequently used among them. This helps them to strengthen the bond more effortlessly, smoothly and quickly. At the same time, they also ensure not to overlook the basic rules of writing newsletters and emails and follow all basic guidelines of professional email marketing services.

3.List hygiene issues: Now that email addresses are available to everyone who has a profile on Facebook, it would probably get easy for you to guess the exact email address and form a list. Unfortunately, this is not true. You may still have to encounter issues regarding deliverability since your recipients will proactively switch their fresh Facebook email addresses. Hence, a more secure way to keep safe from this problem is sending out certain re-engagement campaigns that are directly targeted at users who are careful about switching their email addresses and re-subscribe with their fresh ones.

Although the impact of Facebook on prominent email marketing services will take time to shape up. Since the market is huge and the entire rollout so gradual it does not seem that the repercussions of this new technology will be evident immediately. Moreover, it may not beat the entire idea of email marketing services out and out completely because the market has been dominated by email marketing for quite some time and relinquishing it thoroughly does not look like an intelligent idea so far.