Another Great Trip To Las Vegas !

.tags I took a trip to Vegas in 2005 or 2006, not sure which, slept so many times I forget. It was when the NBA allstar game was there and it was also during the Chinese new year. Man that place was packed ! We went out there because at the same time there was a huge clothing designer expo going on and my buddy from Chicago was there promoting his line, Vividbraille. Take the time to check out his line, I’ll provide a link for it.

We stayed at the MGM Grand for the first four or five nights. That place is top notch, along with most other billion dollar hotels on the strip I suppose. The food, staff and amenities are great ! Were going back there in February for a few days.

Anyway, my buddy with the clothing line had some connections and we got to go up to a suite in the Wynn. That place rocks ! It tends to draw a slighter younger crowed and there were NBA players everywhere, which is pretty cool if your a hoops fan. We ran into Shaqs trainer and he showed us the ring he got as a member of the Championship Miami Heat, that was some serious bling !

The clothing show was nuts. We saw Gene Simmons walking around with a few women that had next to nothing on, that was pretty funny. The trip was a blast ! The last night we were there though we stayed at the Stratosphere just to check it out. I have to tell you, I was much less than impressed. When you go from the MGM Grand to the Stratosphere, youre really dropping down a few notches in quality. It stunk like old cigarettes, the food was horrible and the staff was so so. I guess you get what you pay for. You better believe our stay in February will be at MGM.

If youre taking a trip to Vegas anytime soon, do yourself a favor. Avoid buffets, unless they are at top notch hotels, and that wont be cheap. And stay somewhere nice. Rios nice, Palms, MGM among many others. You get what you pay for !