Anniversary Gifts Worth Celebrating


Couples. They create awkward wheels of your social group, canoodle in public, hold hands under the dinner table and offer bland platitudes about love, like, Your time will come, soon enough.

Then one day they decide to make it all official, sending out wedding invitations and registering at home furnishings stores. You have to go out and buy a new dress for the wedding, then fidget in it for an hour during the ceremony they promised would be short. What starts out as a fun reception ends in the hangover of the century, the product of mixing champagne and cosmos and some signature cocktail with what you think was gin but might’ve been, well, you’re not sure.

And then a year later they leave you in a lurch all over again when their anniversary rolls around. No registration this time, no easy-pickins of silverware or blenders or placemats.

What do you do with these people? More importantly, what do you give couples? They are, after all, the ultimate People Who Have Everything. That’s what the whole bridal shower and wedding gift registration business was all about.

Here’s a thought: while everyone else is out looking for monogrammed towels and silver picture frames to hold the cheesy photo of them kissing cake off each other’s faces, you take a look at Cloud 9 Living and find a gift experience that does more than sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Gift experiences, adventure gifts, experience gifts—these are excursions packaged up and put on display for your perusal at, and they come in as many shapes and sizes as the people in your life. Not just gifts for couples, you’ll find private DJ lessons for your brother, cooking lessons from a private chef for you and four friends, kayaking-in-the-moonlight trips, PGA golf packages, and culinary tours of 43 cities across the U.S. In short, something for everyone you’ve ever needed to find a gift for.

And the best thing about all these gifts is that they aren’t things at all—they’re memories in the making, opportunities to learn and grow and expand our understanding of what it means to live. They shouldn’t fit neatly into a box, and yet Cloud 9 finds a way to do just that, with certificates arriving packaged in a gorgeous blue box on your doorstep.

The beauty of this in regard to the notorious couple in your life ought to be obvious at this point. Relationships are pieced together by shared experiences. More experiences mean more fabric in the relationship. More fabric means a stronger relationship. And with an experience gift, the experience doesn’t have to be a trial of life—it can be something they’ll actually enjoy, like a romantic dinner for two cooked by a private chef, or an afternoon hiking and wine tasting , private sushi lessons for two or trapeze lessons, where the element of “trust” is more than metaphorical.

This anniversary, leave the restaurant gift certificate alone and send them off on a romantic dinner cruise instead, the two of them twirling champagne glasses and spinning each other around on the dance floor. Remind them why they got married in the first place.