Andrew Evans

{flickr|100|campaign} Many know Andrew Evans as the racecar driver who has lead his team (Team Scandia) to many significant victories during the years between 95 and 97. Before he became famous he was like any other young driver who was trying hard to become a professional racecar driver.

Andrew Evans relationship with racing began in the year 1963. It was during that year that he witnessed his first Can-Am race. He was not alone as there were many boys at that time who shared his love for racing. However, he was among the few who had both the talent and the determination to turn his dream into reality.

It was during 80s that Andrew Evans started his career. Since he did not have any financial support during this period, he was forced to do even the most routine tasks by himself. He filled out long administrative forms and looked after his engine maintenance. These chores did not give him the pleasure or the excitement that he got from racing, however he did them dutifully. The fact that racing was both a sport and a business did not go down well with many young drivers. So they gave up their dreams. Evans however had the talent to survive in both sides of the industry.

Andrew Evans during this period had to find ways of supporting himself, so that he could crisscross the country and compete in numerous racing events. Learning more about the automotive industry was something he also wanted to do. In order to reach both these goals, he started his own business called Scandia Engineering. It was a small automotive company that had its base in Redwood Washington. The company looked after the restoration needs of the automotive enthusiasts who lived in the region.

In the year 1990 after paying his dues for many years, Evans was allowed to become a member of the International Motor Sports Association. Becoming a member had opened a door of opportunities to him. Being a member of the Camel GT Lights class allowed him to race at Le Mans, Daytona, and other famous tracks. This allowed him to build for him a respectable reputation among both experienced and new drivers.