Andorra Travel Tips

.tags Andorra is among the world’s smallest independent countries and is perched high in the Pyrenees mountain range between its giant neighbors, France and Spain. When you stick to the Andorra journey tips you can come to learn a lot regarding the place. Andorra journey tips may even help you look for an excellent hotel in Andorra.

1.Attractions of Andorra – The country’s highlights include picturesque locations, world-class skiing, and duty-free shopping. In northwestern Andorra, probably the most most attractive sceneries may be discovered. In eastern Andorra the best skiing might be found at Port d’Envalira, which at 8,500 feet (2,600m) could be the highest ski run at the country. For all seasons there are excellent hotels in Andorra.

2.When to visit Andorra- The best time for Andorra tour is from May to the end of September. In late spring and early summer season the landscape is filled with verdant green. The local weather is mild and excellent for exploring by mountain bike or on foot. This is a fantastic time also for discovering the bounty of nature. Some hotels in Andorra deal good discount rates for this time period.

3.Getting to Andorra- There are no airports in Andorra. The nearest regions that you can fly to, to reach Andorra are Barcelona in Spain or Toulouse in France. If you want to go to Andorra by car you can find two significant roads from Spain- form Madrid and Barcelona, and one form France- driving form Toulouse.

4.Currency in Andorra- the country has no currency of its very own; the Spanish peseta would be the currency used here. All prices in shops, hotels, and restaurants are shown in pesetas. French francs are also accepted in shops, hotels, and restaurants however the exchange price is not as good as the bank rate. Major credit cards are widely accepted for goods and amenities.

5.Shopping in Andorra- Shopping in Andorra la Vella is a real fun as you can get some great bargains here on all types of imported goods. The city is the tax-free shopping capital of the Pyrenees. The common buys of Andorra are cameras, perfume, and electronics.

6.Tourist Activities in Andorra-Skiing- The greatest ski resorts of Andorra are Soldeu El-Tarter, located 124 miles (200km) from Barcelona; Grau Roig-Pas de la Casa, located on the French-Andorran border; Arinsal, at the northwest; Pal, south of Arsinal; and Arcalis, north of Arsinal. All they offer excellent accommodation for the skiers.