Analyze High Yield Investment Programs


With the prevalence of the Internet and the anonymity that comes with it, many high yield investment programs end up being scams. To help keep people safe from these, many websites have taken up high yield investment program analyzing. An analysis usually takes place over the course of a few weeks or months, depending on how fast the high yield investment program promises to pay off. During the this time, a program can be labeled paying, not paying, or problem. This article will explain how HYIP analysis is useful, what it looks at, and how it can help keep people safe from scam sites.

HYIP analysis websites keep a list of investment programs that they themselves invest in. After putting money into them, the websites track the amount of payoff they receive, and analyze the data. After analysis, the high yield program is put into one of several categories. These categories usually are paying, not paying, problem, and waiting.

The various categories help people determine which high yield investment program is trustworthy and which is a scam. The not paying category usually means that that particular investment program is a scam and is not safe to invest in. The problem category usually means that the potential program has not paid off enough to be a profit, and as such may also be a scam. If it’s not a scam, then it’s just a waste of your time and money. Waiting means that the money has not been received or processed yet. Investment programs under waiting can be legitimate or not. The final category is paying, which means that that particular high yield investment program is paying off the investment and the profit as per their payout rates. A paying program is usually not a scam and is safe to invest in.

HYIP analysis websites can keep a long list of investment programs. This list, along with which category each program is in, can help people determine what is safe to invest in. A scam program is usually put into a blacklist to warn people to not invest in that particular program. Thus an HYIP analysis website helps people keep their money safe from scamming investment sites.

By checking a trustworthy analysis website, a person can make a better judgment on certain high yield investment programs. An HYIP analysis involves investing a little money into the investment program then tracking the payoff. If the payoff is what the posted payoff rate is then the program is usually considered legitimate. If the payoff is not what the posted rate is, then the program will be considered a scam. Investors can look up certain investment programs in an HYIP analysis list to make sure that that program is not a scam.