Analysis: Bank Of The Situation Using The Voip Internet Phone – Internet Phone, Voip, Voice Networks

.tags ?? The bank to link with voip Internet phone is because a few days ago in Shenzhen Development Bank organized a business. Shenzhen Development Bank was later called to tell me handle successful business, you can at any time for me. But the time I wondered, why the phone calls to me in Shenzhen, but the show is 020 area code in Guangzhou. I then directly asked the sentence, how the code is displayed in Guangzhou, the answer is, we use the Internet phone number is arbitrarily set.

?? ?? This incident gave me the inspiration, VOIP Internet phone trend is now irreversible, and it applied to all sectors involved, of course, banks are indispensable. Banks can be said to VOIP Internet phone customers very important one. Each country, each region of the Bank of countless, if all the VOIP Internet phone customers as the source, it would be a big number.

? ?? The view of the banking system in many branches throughout the province and savings point, and in the daily work, the branches and savings point of contact between the phone or fax is essential, Even long-distance IP phone are used, the entire cost of the daily operating expenses of the bank will still be a lot of money in terms of the number. Therefore, the bank also need to use virtually free VOIP Internet phone, if the banks use the VOIP Internet phone, then the banks can also save a large sum of money.

? ?? The first agreement with the bank should be Cisco. Cisco has been the leading business voip VoIP, Cisco reach agreement with banks based in Cisco’s Internet phone after a few years. They are the United States District and the District of Columbia 29 5,800 banking centers and enterprise configurations 180,000 Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) telephone. This VoIP business development in the banking sector has taken a very important step.

? ?? In the country, using the VOIP network telephone number of banks. Of the five main banks, the first phone to use VOIP network is the People’s Bank. People’s Bank as the administrative departments, commercial banks, relatively few of its business system (clearing business through a dedicated satellite network transmission data), a conditional branch network construction relatively large area has enough bandwidth applications VOIP phone. At present, the People’s Bank of Tianjin, a large area application of VOIP phone lines are. The next step in the People’s Bank will also consider the use of IP telephony and video conferencing.

? ?? China Construction Bank has yet to use the VOIP phone, but keeps track of VoIP technology and applications that will be used when the time is ripe.

? Are not currently using VOIP phones have the following main reasons, first, the bandwidth is not enough, now the bank’s wide area network bandwidth, to 64K, except the completion of the major commercial banks, trading, clearing, e-mail, etc. communication, the remaining bandwidth is limited, and still need some cushion to prepare for operations to ensure peak network occupancy, currently do not have enough parts for VoIP; second is the high cost of telecommunications, if the upgraded network and increase bandwidth, Then use the IP network used by long-distance telephone costs and the cost of long distance calls to fight ordinary little difference; Third, banks you plan on using VoIP, is certainly large-scale use, which requires local branches of the network devices such as routers, switches, , network, meet the requirements of VoIP applications, so it is necessary to transform the network equipment or application upgrade to VoIP; Fourth, that the video conference in the office to save costs and increase office efficiency this effect is more obvious, so a computer program of office design may be video conferencing and IP phones to consider, do first video conferencing systems, IP phones do.

? ?? Bank of China currently uses ISDN as the Bank’s international and domestic long-distance telephone system, telephone system has been applied because of this very mature, they will not consider the use of IP phones.

? ?? But Not long ago, news reports also another branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jiangsu Province will establish a VoIP voice network, voice value-added network is completed, the Provincial Bank and the city line telephone system between the long distance telecommunications services are no longer used , but to use their own voice, Jiangsu branch network transmission, eliminating the need for long-distance charges; the same time building a centralized customer service center at the provincial level and create the conditions for applications.


? VOIP Internet phone in the banks have not been very comprehensive application, but in the near future, will be achieved.