An Overview About Amritsar


If you think the Golden Temple is all About Amritsar, you are wide of the mark. There are many facts associated about Amritsar that make it one of the most visited cities in the whole of India. You will find here countless religious shrines pertaining to the Sikh culture and religion. To get the A-Z of information about Amritsar, read city reviews – Amritsar. Before you visit the city, make a list of the sight seeing spots other than the Golden Temple, restaurants, centres of shopping in Amritsar, etc.

As per city reviews – Amritsar, the historical importance about Amritsar pertaining to culture, religion, and politics is significantly highlighted. Worth mentioning are the incidents of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919 under British Rule and Operation Bluestar in 1984 under Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India. The more you read about Amritsar in the city reviews, the more you can explore about the city. You must have well heard about Shaheed Udham Singh, a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement. His home is in Amritsar which is turned into the Central Khalsa Orphanage.

You will find tourists in Amritsar round the year. The key commercial activities as highlighted in many city reviews on Amritsar are trading of farm produce, carpets, fabrics, handicrafts, and light engineering products. Do some shopping in Amritsar before you leave the city. You will love taking home a collection of handicrafts and handlooms unique to Amritsar. Right from durries, woolen blankets, embroidered shawls, parandis (hair worn embellishment) to traditional jewellery, lacquered wood work, and more, you won’t want to miss any. These are the main articles for shopping in Amritsar.

Here is a list of a few of the areas of shopping in Amritsar as mentioned in city reviews – Amritsar:

•Hall Bazaar for electronic items, jewelry, books, handicraft items, Pakistani jootis and Chinese lights
•Guru Bazaar for traditional Indian jewelry and ornaments made of precious stones
•Katra Jaimal Singh Market for textiles, handicraft items
•Kapda Bazaar for textile items and ornaments
•Shastri Market for blankets and woolen materials.