An Investigation Of Celebrity Weight Loss Tips


I recently researched celebrity weight loss tips, just because I was curious as to what they do in Hollywood to shape up fast. And I figured if I am kinda curious, then you are too. So here’s what I found out.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips: Jessica Simpson

When Jessica was getting ready to shoot Dukes of Hazzard she had a personal trainer that took her through 1 and ½ hours of workout daily. So right there, this doesn’t help me out too much, because I really don’t have that kinda time to devote daily. I mean, once I am making a couple million dollars, I will hire a nanny and a cleaning person and just work out all the time. Oh wait, no, I won’t because I know that I can get awesome results with super-fast, super-efficient workouts in about 20-30 minutes a day. That sounds a lot better to me.

Anyway, back to Jessica, she did half an hour of cardio and 1 hour of weight training. Jessica’s weight training wasn’t anything major, but I did find a quote in the article that confirms what I am always telling my clients, which is “Squats have to be one of the biggest metabolism boosting exercises there are.”

Jessica did a lot of squats and lunges, focusing on building muscle and burning fat. This is simple, common sense stuff that you just have to do, which is why she had a trainer, that was making sure she was doing what she needed. Oh, and this is rather amusing, he actually sat with her during meals to ensure she was only eating what she was supposed to eat. Ha! Ha! Apparently, Jessica is a little short on will power. But, ambitious she is, or greedy, I guess, depending how you want to look at it, since after a couple months of this training, I guess she came out with her own line of exercise product or something. Sheesh.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips: Beyonce

Beyonce’s workout schedule was incredibly intense, and totally unrealistic for most of us in the real world. She spend an hour and 15 minutes in the mornings with ½ hour cardio and 45 minutes of weights. She also was running six days a week for 40 minutes and doing yoga once a week. That’s impressive dedication. Although, as you know with the celebrities, this is often a short-term thrust toward a specific deadline and end result is a massive paycheck. It’s very nice motivation. In this particular instance, she was combining all of that exercise with a low fat, low carb, and low calorie diet. Very sensible. But Beyonce has done some other diets that have been criticized, too, like that lemon-aid diet. It’s based off of a cleansing, detoxification plan, and it is, in fact, something I wouldn’t frown upon, although incorporating fasting for a week, well, that seems a little too harsh for my taste.

In the end, though, I find that these celebrity weight loss tips were pretty much right on the money. Exercise and eat right. Duh. You can send my million dollar check right now.