An Adventure to Awesome Asia!


Asia is a continent that is as diverse as it is vast. This is a harmonized blend of different cultures, people and languages where East and West are opposite in geography and tradition. It would probably take a lifetime to completely learn and understand the vastness of Asia’s diversity, but the experiences this continent has to offer will forever remain evergreen.

The Far East offers an eclectic mix of similar heritage. The transition between these places is gradual yet special to each country in its own right. Resorts in Asia have a distinctive character, one which is so unique to this region you will not experience the same class of hospitality elsewhere.

Hong Kong can probably be described as Asia’s urban capital. This mega city, known for its vast sparkling skyline is a centre for commerce, technology and culture. There is much to do in this bustling city that never sleeps from Nature hikes to cultural expeditions among its museums, temples and monasteries. It would be great to plan your visit such that it coincides with the Hong Kong shopping festival. There is no place in the world where you will get to sample authentic Chinese cuisine but in China, the land of noodles and dim sum.

Discover a Vast Leisure Destination

One must not miss a stop at the legendary city of Tokyo. This is possibly the most colorful city in the planet! Tokyo exhibits a panorama of the best in contemporary architecture, martial arts, Japanese pop culture, music and cuisine.

Thailand is a great destination to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind. From the urbanscape of Bangkok to the sunny beaches of Phuket and green tropical forests, this is an experience of a lifetime. Pamper yourself at Thai spas, soak up some sun, canoeing or kayaking among rock formations and treat your taste buds to original Thai cuisine.

No trip around Asia is complete without visiting its tourist capitals of Singapore and Malaysia. These two landmasses separated by a narrow straight, only a kilometer wide, and a trip to one is never complete without the other. The most popular tourist destination in Singapore includes the resort Island of Sentosa with its Butterfly Park, the Oceanarium and the Universal Studios Singapore.

A trip to the peak of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur is indeed a mighty treat for one to obtain a long shot of man’s achievements in establishing a truly global city. offers the Unique Culture of Hotels in Asia