Amusement Parks in Dorset


If you thought that visiting Dorset amusement parks during your holidays in Dorset is an activity best fit for children, you are surely wrong. The amusement parks of Dorset have so much to offer for almost every age group that children and adults alike are sure to have a great time at these places. What’s more, even people planning their Torquay holidays take some time out to visit a few of these Dorset amusement parks to ensure that they don’t miss out on the fun. In case you want to include some of these amusement parks in your travel itinerary during your holidays in Dorset, here are some facts that would help.

Adventure Wonderland

If vacationers busy with their Torquay holidays or those enjoying holidays in Dorset are looking for a place where the fun never stops, the Adventure Wonderland is the ideal place to visit. With over 30 fantastic rides and several other attractions spread throughout the park, this place offers something or the other for the entire family to enjoy.

Ticket prices for adults are £10.75, while children aged 2 years can enter after paying £4.95. For children aged 3 and more, the cost of entrance is £10.75, while senior citizens and registered disabled people need to shell out £8.95 and £7.50 respectively. A cost-effective option for a family with 4 members is to buy the Family Ticket for 4 people at £39.99. Apart from Charlie Cool’s Driving School and The Pony Rides, prices of all attractions and rides are included in the price of your entry ticket with the exception of a small number of coin operated attractions.

Some popular areas of this amusement park include the Wild Thing! – the huge indoor Aztec Adventure Play Centre, Montyzomers’ Thunderdome, Turbo Teacups and Happydrome Theatre. The Adventure Wonderland Maze, which is UK’s third largest maze, is another big draw for tourists who are relishing their holidays in Dorset. This maze is created of magnificent beech hedges using 5,200 bushes, where more than 1.75 miles of paths exist to keep you guessing and exploring. No wonder that the place also attracts many vacationers who have come to enjoy their Torquay holidays.

Go Ape

If you want to enjoy a high-wire, outdoor forest adventure during your Torquay holidays, you surely shouldn’t miss coming to Go Ape in Moors Valley. Many vacationers enjoying their holidays in Dorset call this place to be the ideal setting that lets your inner monkey out!

The entire area has huge obstacle courses built up in the trees using walkways, ladders, bridges, wooden tunnels, super-strong rope and wire, along with the country’s best zip lines. If you are aged 10 years or more, have a minimum height of 1.4 m , and weigh not more than 130 kg, you are eligible to climb, swing and crawl through the trees at one of the 26 adventures on offer here. After giving you a kit of pulleys, harnesses, and karabiners, the people in charge will give you a safety briefing and training session for 30 minutes. After this, you will be let loose into the forest canopy, and could swing through the trees freely to bring your inner Tarzan out!

These and some other amusement parks are sure to make your Torquay holidays and Dorset sojourn an action packed vacation that’s high on the fun quotient.