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Amazon Kindle – Digital Book Reader

30th September 2010

The new Kindle Digital Book Reader from Amazon has been their number 1 best seller over the past 2 years on the trot. The all new Kindle has also been the biggest gifted and wished for product and it has also had more 5 star reviews than any other product.

If you already have a high speed Internet connection and a wireless router then the Kindle Wi Fi is a great choice but with the 3G connection you will be able to download books anytime and pretty much from anywhere.

If you do don’t have Wi Fi already then you are going to need the Kindle 3G.

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) is the easiest option because there is no wireless setup and the built in 3G actually uses the very same wireless signals as mobile phones.

You don’t have to sign up for any commitment or monthly fees as Amazon already pays for Kindle’s 3G wireless connectivity.

If you need the best digital book reader then the kindle with its 3G will let you download books without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection as their wireless has a coverage in over a 100 different countries and territories and you check this yourself on the Amazon website.

If you are a traveller and you need a top quality digital book reader then the kindle is a great choice.

With a weight of just 247 grams this new design is both thinner and lighter.

If you If you spend a lot of time reading then weight could be a problem but the new kindle is so light this really wouldn’t be a problem so you could read for hours without any problems in fact, the kindle is actually slimmer than a magazine and lighter than the average paperback.

It’s Design
The new Amazon Kindle has a great design with its buttons on both sides for easy page turning; this is a great feature as you can turn your pages from any position, very useful as you find yourself in a comfortable position and holding the kindle with just one had.

Another great feature is that it will not get hot like your laptop so you can read in comfort for as long as you like.

The kindle is very easy to use, and the best bit about the kindle for many is the fact that you can use it right out of the box, there is no software to install or anything to setup and the battery can last up to a month, although this is based on usage, like a mobile phone for example.

Charge via USB
When you need to charge your kindle you can simply plug it into an USB port on a computer as it comes with an USB cable and an UK power adapter.

Take all your books with you when you travel as you can load around 3,500 books on the kindle.

You also have access to all your books online so if you were to delete any by mistake you can just go and get them again.

With the kindle you have the ability to put all your books into seperate categories and organise them into your favourite headings for easy finding.

The new Digital Book Reader – Amazon Kindle wireless reading device is their number 1 best seller and comes in 2 versions, the standard version and the 3G.
Check out the new Digital Book Reader today!