Aluminum Corporation Of China, General Manager Of Yaqing Super Chinese Buyers Return


Made on a shot of Chinese enterprises in overseas

Hesitant when mergers and acquisitions, Yaqing has dominated so far the largest case of an overseas investment

A new era began trading Were shocked the world when it signed the deal after the final, when he was appointed general manager of Yaqing Aluminum Group “rewarded” the way everyone is a hotel in London a few drinks.

Out of the endless bickering and stay up late, Yaqing feeling pretty good. A few hours ago, he represented Chalco (hereinafter referred to as “aluminum”) and Rio Tinto (RioTinto, hereinafter referred to as “Rio”) Chairman Paul? Skinner (PaulSkinner) finally signed a funding agreement? ? The agreement was on February 12 the Central Rio Tinto Aluminium and announced that the main contents are: 19.5 billion U.S. dollars in cash out of aluminum into the main extension, which expand the purchasing power of 7.2 billion convertible bonds issued, 12.3 billion U.S. dollars buying a stake in Rio iron ore, copper, aluminum, including nine core assets in order to save the financial strain of this mining giant. Under the agreement, Conversion of aluminum can choose any time period Conversion. After the share transfer, the aluminum stake in Rio Tinto Group as a whole from 9.3% to about 18%. Meanwhile, aluminum will nominate two non-executive directors to the board of Rio Tinto.

“Drink, I recommend everyone to tell a story of his experience, very interesting.” Yaqing told the “Global Entrepreneur” exceptionally difficult negotiation process so that he will never forget, he even more times that, after this experience should be written in a wonderful novel.

This is by far the largest sum of foreign investment transactions, and Rio Tinto Aluminum is the second shot. January 31, 2008, Alcoa Aluminum in the joint to 14.05 billion U.S. dollars in the London Stock Exchange launched “dawn raid” in one fell swoop in London listed company Rio Tinto acquired 12% stake in Rio Tinto to become the single largest shareholder, and successfully blocks the BHP Billiton on Rio Tinto’s high-profile merger. Aluminum in the interior, 195 billion of transactions known as “Phase II”, together with an account, Rio Tinto Aluminum in total investment to nearly 34 billion U.S. dollars, in China’s reform and opening up 30 years and Chinese enterprises to “go “10 years, this is undoubtedly a bold and unprecedented exploration, both in scale and strategy.

“The power of example” quickly demonstrated. A few days later, China Minmetals Group, announced the 2.6 billion Australian dollars (about 1.7 billion U.S. dollars) in cash, a wholly-owned acquisition of the world’s second largest zinc miners OzMinerals; Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Zeyi 1.24 billion Australian dollar takeover of Australia’s first three major iron ore producers FMG 16.5% stake in the company.

As Japanese companies in the 1970s large-scale acquisitions of Australian resources as part of the financial strength of Chinese enterprises in the government, Financial crisis Spread of a special moment, is trying to seize the acquisition of natural resources and mining assets in global opportunity. Yaqing is one of his “bargain buy” strategy, this acquisition was reflected in clear and practical.

Overseas giants are bulging pockets of these “Chinese buyers,” mixed feelings. On the one hand, they set off for China’s “international shopping” heart alert?? In their view, China’s birth global commodity bubble escape the blame; but on the other hand, they need capital for Chinese enterprises?? In such a “bad years”, the money and willing to spend money on people who do not have much choice.