Alumbra Lounge – Melbourne, Australia


If you’re looking for class, style and extravagance on a Saturday night, Alumbra holds the answer. 

In a gorgeous private location, down wharf 9, in the Docklands is one of Melbourne’s most beautiful nightclubs. Just under ten minutes from Flinders street station, you can escape the busy city clutter and drift away at Alumbra. This nightclub is one venue that goes beyond the good music and great drink list to captivate you. Its stunning interior decor from the designer chandelier to the grand Buddha statues is matched only by the panoramic views overlooking the pier offered from the outside decking area.

Out here you may like to smoke some sheesha while chatting with friends and embracing the music as it dances over the sea breeze. Alumbra is one of Melbourne’s only central nightclubs that offer these flavoured water pipes. The pipes cost $ 30 each plus a deposit of $ 50 which is refunded once the pipe is returned and you can choose a flavour from their extensive menu. If you’re unsure about which flavour to choose, apple and grape are quite popular. 

The music oozes smoothness and rhythm that gets you dancing to a different beat. Throw in some dance classics and Latino vibrations and you instantly add flavour to the room. Specializing in house and dance music, Alumbra’s DJs really know how to inject clubbers with invigorating sounds. 

Another great thing about Alumbra is the cocktail menu with prices starting at $ 14. As extravagant as its decor, these cocktails are bursting with flavour and sparkling sensation. The Lychee Bouquet is one of the sweeter cocktails, a lovely mix of lychees and sparkling Chardon rose served beautifully in a tall glass. 

Unfortunately, Alumbra’s extravagance comes with a certain level of exclusivity that can be a turn off to some. The security tend to be very strict on dress code, large groups and general demeanour. Contrary to Alumbra’s website which says the dress code is neat casual, to gain entry you must be dressed impeccably and avoid wearing sneakers or runners by all means! When Alumbra says neat casual they are verging on the side of neat formal. Also Alumbra often hosts private functions which prevent the public from access to certain rooms including the main dance floor. So you may be disappointed if you get there early for easy entry only to find out the main dance floor won’t be open till midnight. 

Apart from this, Alumbra is a great party venue that vamps up the Melbourne night scene.