Altrincham, Cheshire is an Excellent Base When Visiting Greater Manchester


Altrincham, Cheshire is a market town on the river Mercy, about eight miles south west of Manchester. There is easy access to Altrincham by a metro link, which makes it a popular spot for commuters.

Altrincham’s market has been operating since the year twelve ninety. You will find many fresh foods available, including local fish, vegetables, and many other healthy choices. You will also have the opportunity to purchase local crafts, gifts, cards, clothing a much more. The market operates several days a week, with each day dedicated to different products.

“Dunham Massey” is an eighteenth century red brick house which was originally built by George Boothe around an Elizabethan moated manor house. This fantastic old house has several amazing collections of paintings and also silver. With more than thirty rooms open to the public, this is sure to be an excellent visual experience. Outside, you will find spectacular gardens, including a “Victorian well house, as well as many flowers and plants. There are lovely shaded areas beside the pond, which would be perfect for an afternoon picnic.

Nearby “Chester zoo” houses more than seven thousand animals, half of which are on the endangered list. Conservation is at the heart of operation of the Chester zoo. There are exciting exhibits to see here, such as the “Twilight zone bat cave”, where bats fly all around, or “Island in danger”, which transports you into a tropical rain forest. You will find everything from elephants and tigers, to komodo dragons and bears from the rainforest. This is certain to be an exciting adventure, as well as a learning experience for all. This zoo is a must see for the entire family.

Altrincham – Cheshire is an excellent place to find great shopping and dining experiences. You will have no difficulty finding fantastic accommodations. Altrincham will make the perfect base location for people exploring the greater Manchester area.