Alpine car audio review ? User Friendly Interface


Alpine car audio systems are famous all over and this is because they have been around for a while and have produced some great quality products. Alpine TUA-T550HD is HD radio tuner module which provides digital radio broadcasts when connected to a Ai-Net compatible Alpine car audio receiver. The device is pretty straightforward and you can connect it between the car’s receiver and antenna for broadcasts.But when you connect this Alpine car audio system to three specific receivers from Alpine of iDA-X100M, iVA-W550, or iDA-X100 along with cool gadgets like Apple iPod, you get one more feature – iTunes tagging.

There is not a lot done to make this car audio systems look good as they are to be tucked out of your view and are controlled by a compatible receiver. This Alpine car audi system is just a metal box and nothing else. On one end, there is connection for harnessing the wire that supplies the power to these car audio systems and on the other side, there are output and input ports for the Ai-Net connections, USB output and input ports, and input for connecting the FM/AM radio antenna.
The design of this product is fairly simple and it will be able to stand some abuse from kicks and bumps but I will recommend you to mount it somewhere out of the way anyways. Installation of such cool gadgets is really easy. You have to find a location in the cabin of your vehicle and then bolt the unit on the body of the car. There is Ai-Net output cable bundled for routing from device to receiver. You can daisy chain other Ai-Net compatible device like satellite radio receivers or CD changers through the input. If you are using this system with iPod compatible receiver, you need to connect the units through USB and then route the USB pigtail to accessible location. Connect the antenna of the vehicle to this Alpine car audio system through bundled antenna extension cord. Then tap 12 volts of power and the ground locations and then connect wire harness.

When you connect these car audio systems to cool gadgets like iPods, the compatible Alpine devices can tag song information on iTunes. For viewing the song title and artist information in the text stream, just hold the select button down and then save metadata on the iPod. When you connect the iPod to computer, you will see a new play list in iTunes called ‘Tagged’. You can hear a 30 second clip and if you like it, go ahead and purchase it from iTunes store.
A single song tag is of maximum 512 bytes so you will be able to tag almost endless number of tracks when you connect cool gadgets like iPod to these car audio systems. If you don’t connect an iPod, this Alpine car audio system will be able to store about 50 song tags on the internal memory. When you connect an iPod, these tags are automatically transferred on the device and the memory gets erased to make space for the new tags.