All About Singapore Company Setup


Singapore is a global city of talented, innovative and creative individuals. These individuals are combination of students, professionals and entrepreneurs both local and foreign. On this page, we are going to discuss the important elements a foreign entrepreneur should know in Singapore company and Singapore company registration procedures.

Identifying the type of business structure is the first concern of foreign entrepreneurs who would want to establish a Singapore company. Singapore’s business structures allows entrepreneurs to either setup a company and relocate to Singapore or run their company without having to relocate to Singapore.

Below are the types of Singapore’s foreign business structures:

Subsidiary company – is an incorporated private limited company, which the majority of shares are held by a corporation, foreign or local. A Subsidiary Company in Singapore is considered a resident company.
Branch Office – an extension of a foreign parent company registered outside of Singapore. The purpose of a Branch Office is to facilitate operation and revenue generation in Singapore for the foreign parent company. It is considered a non-resident for tax purposes, and therefore not eligible for tax incentives and exemptions available to Singapore private limited companies.
Representative Office – provides a foreign company interested in establishing operation in Singapore an avenue to assess business opportunities in Singapore market prior to making any long term or large scale commitment. It is ideal for market research or to establish relationship with local agents representing the company.

In addition, there are three choices offered to foreign entrepreneurs in managing their businesses:

Choice #1 – Company setup and relocation to Singapore with Employment Pass

Choice #2 – Company setup and relocation to Singapore with EntrePass

Choice #3 – Company setup without relocation to Singapore / Nominee Director Service

Below are additional considerations for foreign entrepreneurs:

Singapore Companies Act does not allow foreign individuals or entities to self-register a company. You can engage Rikvin, Singapore’s leading incorporation specialist, to assist you in Singapore company setup.
Appoint a Singapore resident to be the director of the company. A Singapore resident can be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or holder of an EP or EntrePass. In the event that you are unable to appoint a Singapore resident director, Rikvin can provide you with one through our Nominee Director service. The service can be temporary or long term depending on your needs.
Provide a Singapore address as the registered address for the company. Alternatively, you can also engage a Registered Address service through Rikvin.