All About Sharing A Cruise With A Celebrity


At present, the radio and TV are full of advertisements for celebrity cruises. A celeb is lined up to spend time on a ship. You’re able to have your holiday at the same time.

The Mediterranean, Alaska and Florida are just a few of the global places that these trips operate in. The Caribbean is probably the more popular however.

Do they provide you as much value for money as it appears while you’re sitting at home watching them on television?  Are they good cruise line deals?

First of all, a celebrity cruise is offered by lots of the big cruise lines so you know you won’t be completely wasting your money.

Advance announcement is made as to which film star, sports person, musician, TV personality or whatever is going to be on the ship each cruise. Quite a few travellers will have the same idol as you do so will have a common interest with a number of the travellers on the cruise.

These cruise trips are done by the celebs for several purposes including:-

Whilst it will not really affect you, they could be getting remuneration for the trip. That should not be an issue to you.
They might be promoting an upcoming happening for example the release of their future film. You may think that might be worth the money as you could get to watch some clips just before most people do. This alone might be worth the money. You may actually get to get an autograph, shake hands or even take a seat on the same table for dinner.
Charity is one other reason. You are able to raise peoples recognition in the good cause as well as meet the celebrity. You will get two benefits for the price of one if you promote the same good cause.
Whether the star will be for the entire journey may be a key factor. These people frequently have very busy diaries and might only be able to schedule in a day or two if they are free. The longer they’re with you the better I think with regards to value for money.
Check out the number of other travellers are on the cruise trip due to the star. If they’re just on the boat for a day or so and the whole boat is people on the celebrity cruise, you may not even get an opportunity to talk with them.

This celebrity may not be as well-liked by the rest of the family as you are. Their annual vacation shouldn’t be ruined, that would be very selfish.

You will be paying more than for a typical holiday cruise which means you must believe that getting out on the seas together is worth it.

If you’re uncertain, you can check out a celebrity cruise by having reduced deals with an onboard value booklet.