All about Overseas Jobs


Overseas jobs are not so easy to get as it seems. You need to prepare every thing from documents to your professional skills and overall personality. Although preparation and getting these jobs is difficult but search for overseas jobs these days has become quiet easy as almost all recruiters publish their requirements online in their company’s portal or collectively in job portals. So you can search for these jobs online. Also it has been found that most of the people rely on websites rather than going to recruitment agency to find these jobs. And just one-fifth of the job seekers check the jobs in international newspapers.

Once you are through with this thing, check out the next step that is to impress the selector or recruiter. As you are not alone who is dreaming big and finding these jobs so you will have to be very smart in presenting your self. Give yourself an edge over others.

Your letter of applications should be well-written. The curriculum vitae or resume should be clear and very neatly filled. Along with this if the application requires recent photograph then it should be very professional and you must have the photo copies of all your educational degree with you. Spend productive time in making and writing your job application.

Submit this application with overseas job recruiters. They will screen your application and once your application is screened you will get an interview call. In certain companies clearing written test is compulsory and in some it is the voice and accent round that is mandatory. The actual requirement depends upon the project and the profile. Also in some cases the recruiters take the initial interview and if you clear that you are asked to sit for company’s interview.

In actual selection your interview, documentation, reference and experience matters.

Most of the process for overseas recruitments by the big organizations has know been outsourced to reduce the cost and to improve the quality. This is also called recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

The major problem in overseas recruitment is the low rate of labour market mobility. But the motivation behind people who want to travel outside their country for work is the broadened experience, career development with better salary and additional perks.