All About High Definition Televisions

.tags The Federal Communications Commission or FCC has reportedly mandated that all stations be able to broadcast high definition television signals by the year 2006. Consumers can readily check if high definition television shows are in broadcast over their televisions.

High definition televisions offers consumers pictures with higher resolutions, images that are clearer and sharper and the best sorround sound technology available.

Why High Definition Televisions Are The Best?

1. Higher Aspect Ratio

High definition televisions have a very high aspect ratio which is 16:9. The digital TVs available today have an aspect ratio of 4:3.

What is an aspect ratio? An aspect ratio is basically the width and height of the screen. The aspect ratio of most digital TVs which is 4:3 basically means that the screen is 4 feet wide and 3 feet high. Applying this to the highest aspect ratio available to high definition televisions, they have a screen that is 16 feet wide and 9 feet high.

This high aspect ratio gives high definition televisions the advantage of having a clearer and crisper image.

2. Higher Picture Resolution

High definition televisions have a higher picture resolution than most of the digital TVs available today.

In terms of the vertical and horizontal picture resolution of the usual TVs available today, the picture resolution of high definition televisions are exceptionally high resulting to a sharper picture.

3. Reduced Motion Artifacts

High definition televisions are able to reduce motion artifacts such as ghosting and dot crawls that are usually present in less advanced TVs.

This makes high definition televisions more viewer friendly than most of the digital TVs available today.

4. Dolby A3 Digital Sorround Sound System

High definition televisions have a Dolby A3 digital sorround sound system that has been made standard.

High definition televisions offers 5.1 independent channels of CD-quality stereo sorround sound sometimes referred as AC-3.

Important Considerations When Acquiring High Definition Televisions

1. Consumers who have decided to buy high definition televisions should be mindful of the input and output jacks. The input or output jacks must be compatible with the current equipment. He can observe the following to make an easy check before actually buying a high definition television.

a. A consumer must make a list of all equipment that he will have to hook up to the high definition television lke DVD player, VCR, video game consoles, and cable boxes, etc.

b. Check what type of connection is needed for successful hook-up of all the equipment and accessories.

c. Compare it with the high definition television of your choice.

d. Basically, consumers who have decided to buy high definition televisions are in need of S-video connections and also composite or component video analog jacks.

2. Before buying a high definition television, consumers must be aware that the high definition television of their choice is able to up-convert or down-convert into any format.

That is, up-converting and down-converting capabilities of high definition televisions will let all transmitted signals in the designated format of the high definition television.

3. The standard audio system for high definition televisions is the Dolby A3 Sorround Sound System. Though, there should be more advance sorround sound systems available now in the market.

4. Compatibility of the high definition television with the HD tuner is also very important. Likewise, their compatibility with the satellite or cable service must be checked as well as that it can easily receive off-air broadcasts.

5. Consumers must also check if he needs an external antenna for the off-air broadcasts. This is basically in support to the necessary requirement mentioned above regarding checking if the high definition television and HD tuner can easily receive off-air broadcast.

If the high definition television and HD tuner cannot easily receive off-air broadcasts, tehn the consumer needs to have his very own external antenna.

Consumers must always pick out the best and high definition televisions are worth their money. In terms of audio and video performance, clarity of picture and images, high definition televisions can easily bring the movie screen right before the eyes of the home viewer.