All About Eddie Murphy Movies


Eddie Murphy has already had a very long career that many people have diligently followed. He has many beloved fans and he has worked on a variety of different projects. Most of the Eddie Murphy movies are comedies and this is what people have learned to expect from this original comedian.

Eddie Murphy started his career as a stand up comedian with Raw and Delirious. This gave him the start he needed and made people take a closer look at his comedic skills and this put Eddie on the map.

Eddie Murphy then went on to make 48 Hours and this was his major breakout. Nick Nolte plays the cop and Murphy plays the criminal and the two become an unlikely duo to capture a crazy cop killer. He played the unforgettable Billy Ray Valentine in Trading Places and this was his first starring role. Beverly Hills Cop is one movie that Eddie Murphy was in that was wildly successful and a sequel was made for this film.

Coming to America was released in 1988 and was a major hit at the box office. This is the firs of the Eddie Murphy movies where Murphy not only played himself, but also several other characters and over the years he has been notorious for playing numerous roles in the films he is involved in. The Nutty Professor is another movie where he played both leading roles and also many other characters in the movie. In the Nutty Professor Murphy was 7 of the characters and he would go through full makeup to achieve this.

His most noted role lately is the voice of Donkey in the Shrek series. This is a highly successful series and there are four in the series so far, but it is very plausible that the series will continue and to find success. This movie with Eddie Murphy has humor for both children and adults adding to the success and it has been extremely popular making it a success all over.

There are many other Eddie Murphy movies that are not mentioned and it is prospected that his career will not fizzle out any time soon. Eddie has become a legend in the comedic business and many people will continue laughing in his honor long after his career is over. It is exciting to see what Eddie Murphy will do next and which way his career will turn.