Alan Keyes Offers A Glimmer Of Hope


The first presidential election to which I was witness, albeit too young to know what was going on, was the first election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who took office in January 1933. There was no television with which to brainwash the public, and the internet was unborn at the time. Mostly their campaigns were conducted via newspapers and local speeches by their district offices. Very few even had radios. Mud slinging and name calling were virtually unheard of. The candidates declared their stand on issues, named the projects they would try to implement and the bad things they would try to eliminate. Anyone who could afford a couple of dollars poll tax could vote based on what they wanted a man to do.

So, this is the 19th campaign to which I have been privy and, although much has changed, hatred has deepened, irrational diatribes are mounted against the opposition, and so on, I’ve never witnessed one such as this. In all others I have had one of the candidates whom I hoped would win the office. And some times I would have been happy with either. This time, I actually hope all three lose. Neither of them are philosophically conservative. And although all three profess a degree of Christianity, they still deny Christian principles. Becoming religious at campaign time just doesn’t cut it. I’ve seen men of character and integrity who were trashed at the beginning with both parties. There were a couple of good men who tossed their hat into the ring but were downplayed by the media, failed to raise enough funds, or some other factor which left them with no chance of winning. The current nominees or prospective nominees are all from one mold. They have reached their present level based on factors other than real qualifications. One of those who were ignored by the media and their party is Alan Keyes, a man with strong qualifications, strong convictions, principles and capabilities.

Just who is Alan Keyes anyway? Alan Keyes was born August 7, 1950 in a naval hospital on Long Island, New York. He is the son of Allison and Gerthina Keyes. His father was a U.S. Army sergeant and as is normal with an army family, Alan lived in several states and a tour in Italy, as the family followed the father. He attended Cornell University where he studied political philosophy. While attending Cornell, he opposed student protesters who seized a campus building, and he received a death threat from a black faculty member for that opposition. He shortly left the university and spent a year in Paris on a Cornell study abroad program. He then went to Harvard where he completed his B.A. degree in governmental affairs. He returned to Harvard later and received his PhD. in government affairs.

He announced last evening (April 15) at a Hazleton, Pennsylvania news conference, that he was a candidate for the presidency and that he was dropping out of the Republican Party. His plans are to attempt to get the nomination of the Constitution Party, but if he doesn’t, he still plans to run.

Calling himself a “life-long Republican,” he said he’s abandoned the party because it no longer believes in what he saw as its founding principles…(Hazleton, PA Standard-Speaker)

Keyes, besides his educational background in governmental affairs, has considerable experience in responsible government positions. He held several positions under president Ronald Reagan including Ambassador to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Consul in Mumbai, India, Ambassador to the United Nations, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations. He also served as a staff member of the National Security Council. President Reagan once said: “He did such an extraordinary job…defending our country against the forces of anti-Americanism. I’ve never known a more stout-hearted defender of a strong America than Alan Keyes.”

The prime factor concerning this candidate, in this author’s view, is that you do not have to wonder where he stands. He does not stammer when he answers a question on any of the issues. This straight forward approach is very difficult to find in a candidate today. Examine those candidates who are in the forefront at present, visit their websites. Choose a controversial issue and see where they stand. If it is mentioned at all, you will still come away confused. Then go to Alan Keyes’ website and you’ll get a straight answer. I encourage all to go to his site and read all the issues.

There is much discontent in the nation’s voters at this time and I truly feel that Alan Keyes will gain a substantial following if he can only raise adequate funds to bring his candidacy and his platform into the public eye. In the early part of the Republican primaries campaign, I would say that a majority of the voters didn’t even know he was in the race. He is an American, he stands by his convictions, he is God-fearing, and I believe…honest. Is it any wonder he normally never gets recognition?

Visit his website