Airport Parking

{flickr|100|campaign} Going on holiday can, unfortunately, be quite stressful. Many people forget to sort out last minute details that mean the day of travel can unexpectedly throw up many hurdles. One of the most regularly forgotten factors is airport parking. Depending which airport you fly from, it can suddenly raise the cost of your holiday by a significant amount.

Airport parking varies from official car parks within the airport itself, to farmers on the outskirts offering a space in their barn. Researching your options beforehand will mean you get a better rate, and can get as close to the airport as possible.

One other option to look into is nearby hotels. Many offer parking for the week and include transfers to and from the airport. This option can be very handy, especially if your flight is early and a stay in a nearby hotel makes the day easier for you.

Travel once you reach your destination is often not planned either. Transfers and taxis can add up, and it does mean you are limited to staying within your resort. Many more people are now choosing to take up car hire opportunities. The benefits are obvious, there are no more transfers to worry about, you can see as much of the country as you want, and these days there are plenty of cheap car hire companies around to ensure that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Although it doesn’t solve your airport parking costs, car hire is another part of holiday transport you need to think carefully about.

So this year, whilst you are shopping around for that perfect suncream to give you a golden tan remember to think about your transport needs for your holiday. Whether that’s researching cheap car hire or looking for the best airport parking rate, it’s best to get it sorted in advance.