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There are interesting aviation news on airshows, certification of business jet aircrafts and world air news round up and many other activities in the September article.


Avex Show to Highlight Aircraft Customization.

This air show will be held in Cairo in November 2010 and will highlight a growing trend in North Africa and the Middle East –the customization of aircraft-by organizing an event called “Custom Jet Show” which will focus on a wide range of aircraft customizations and innovations.

The idea behind Avex International air show is to showcase how aircraft cabins can be converted from the “ordinary “albeit luxurious into super-luxurious and right up to “flying palaces”.

“We have uncovered a high degree of enthusiasm from business jet owners and operators who want to showcase their customized aircraft and learn more about what has become an entire industry sector dedicated to refurbishing and customizing aircraft interiors as well as exteriors this were the remarks by Avex  International  air show director, Nicholas Watson. He went a head to say “Aircraft customization is becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East and Africa region, where owners want to create an aircraft that suits their personal or their client’s tastes. By using an existing aviation platform-AVEX –the Custom Jet Show taps into this growing market and provides an opportunity for participants to harness its potential”.

While the recent global economic crisis has without a doubt short-circuited growth in aviation markets across the world, the proverbial silver lining is now on the horizon.

Boeings current market outlook (CMO) which was published recently, predicts passenger traffic volumes will rise at an average rate of 5.3% in the period 2010-1029, with new aircraft demand expected to nearly double to more than 36000 in 2029.With 3050 new aircrafts added to the existing AFRICAN AND Middle East fleets during this period indeed it has contributed significantly to this recovery.

Due to demand for private aircraft increases in this region, so does the demand for aircraft interior and exterior customizations is needed for passenger comfort.

This multi-billion dollar global industry spans a range of sectors, from bespoke interiors and personalized aircraft liveries, in-flight entertainment and onboard connectivity, to fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens with the capacity to prepare restaurant quality food in-flight.

To be held concurrently with AVEX,the Custom Jet Shows format will consist of two exhibition days-November 7 and 8 –and the Custom Jet Show Awards, which will honor outstanding achievements in the categories of ‘Exteriors and Aircraft Livery’ and ‘Passenger Experience’. The awards will be held on the evening of November 8, 2010.


Falcon 900LX Gets Dual Certification.

The Falcon 900LX with a range of 4,750 nautical miles a member of the newest Falcon Family received certification from both the EASA and FAA.

The large cabin Falcon 900LX is based on the Falcon 900EX, with enhanced performance and economy. The Falcon 900LX burns 35% to 40% less fuel than other aircraft in its class thanks to advanced light weight structures, an extremely efficient wing as well as Aviation partners blended winglets.At its maximum take off weight (MTOW) ,the Falcon 900LX climbs to FL390 (39,000 feet)in just 20 minutes.

The rigorous flight test programs me, which began in October 2009, was recently completed and confirmed improvements in handling and performance.

The critical defects evaluated during the flight tests are, stalls at various speed configurations, flights in icing conditions, maximum operating speed, as well as simulated system failures and aircraft fuel consumption. In all 215 flight hours were flown on two different aircraft during the testing campaign, including 34 flights with certification authorities.

World  Air News Round  Up

(a) A 400M Wing Passes Critical Test

The highly advanced all-composite wing of the Airbus Military A40M has passed the ultimate-load up-bend test-the critical static test required for certification.

During the test the wing was subjected to a load equal to 150% of the maximum bending load(limit load) predicted to be encountered in service.

The wingtips of the full-size A40M static test specimen moved upwards 1, 41 meters (4,6feet) during the test which was completed at Airbus Military’s Getafe, Madrid facility recently.

(b) G450 Sets Speed Record

A long-range Gulfstream G450 business jet recently established a city-pair speed record between Toyo and Hong Kong.

The G450 took off from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport and flew the 1694 nautical mile distance at an average cruise speed of Mach 0,85, landing three hours and 58 minutes later at Hong Kong International Airport.

( c)  Cathay  Orders 30  A350 XWBs.

Cathy Pacific Airways has selected the all-new A350 XWB to form the backbone of its future mid-size wide-body fleet, following the signature of a Letter Of Intent (LOI) with Airbus for the order of 30 aircraft.

The airline has selected the A350-900 variant of the aircraft, which is capable of flying over 8000 nautical miles non-stop.

( d)  Comair Expands African Network.

Comair, operator of British Airways in South Africa and KULULA.COM, IS AGAIN EXPANDING ITS Africa route network, and from November will offer five return flights per week between Johannesburg and Daresaalam, in Tanzania.

British Airways will be operating the new route and the flights will also be integrated and sold through the distribution network.

(e) Air Ambulance in Malta

An air ambulance service, Medilink, has launched operations based on Malta with Simon Camilier as its chief executive officer.

Medilink knows the North African market very well, having been involved in medevac transport for the past 15 years. During a press conference, Camilleri explained that the air ambulance operation was a natural step for the company, since it had vast experience, operating in harsh environments.

The company has initially leased a Beech craft B200 Super King Air which has accommodation for two stretcher cases and can carry up to four passengers, including a doctor and a nurse. Twenty-four local paramedics have been trained to work on this first Medilink air ambulance.