Air And Water Sports In Vietnam

.tags Vietnam could be a great destination for any holiday if you are keen on water and air sports. You can plan your vacation in the majestic hotels in Vietnam and have plenty of entertaining.

Air Sports

Paragliding- Harnessed safely to your paraglide and soar freely with the wind. Paragliding lets you adore Vietnams beautiful view from above while enjoying your freedom and control. Paragliding services and classes could be observed in Vietnam for levels from beginners to advance. You can practice it in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Water sports

Kitesurfing- Offering lovely beaches, strong and continuous winds, Mui Ne is rapidly growing into essentially the most well-known kiteboarding and windsurfing sights in Asia. The windy season starts around September/October and lasts until April/May. You’ll find at the moment four certified Kitesurfing schools in Mui Ne into the resorts Full Moon Resort, Sailing Club Resort, Saigon Mui Ne Resort, Sunshine Beach Resort

Surfing- Most Vietnamese beaches have rather mild waves. The perfect area to surf in Vietnam is China Beach, Da Nang, near the North End. There are no waves during the summer but waves start to pick up from late September/October and may last until May. It would be much better to bring your own equipment for surfing due to the fact there are no many specialized shops, but when you dont have any you can ask in your hotel in Vietnam. It is sure that they may show you where you can find. Softer waves suitable for beginners could be found in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet with rentals provided round the area.

Kayaking- Kayaking is among the greatest ways to explore the lovely waters and numerous limestone islands in Ha Long bay. You will find tours organized. They continue from a couple of days to two weeks, with fantastic guide and meals. Many tours are a mixture of kayaking and trekking cycling. Kayak rentals and tours are available by various centers.